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On the Run: Wanted Men in a Philadelphia Ghetto
Although recent increases in imprisonment are concentrated in poor Black communities, we know little about how daily life within these neighborhoods is affected. Almost all ethnographic work in poorExpand
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On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City
Forty years in, the War on Drugs has done almost nothing to prevent drugs from being sold or used, but it has nonetheless created a little-known surveillance state in America's most disadvantagedExpand
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Go to More Parties? Social Occasions as Home to Unexpected Turning Points in Life Trajectories
Reviving classical attention to gathering times as sites of transformation and building on more recent microsociological work, this paper uses qualitative data to show how social occasions open upExpand
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When the Police Knock Your Door In
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Synovial sarcoma of the extremities and trunk: A long lasting disease
10073 Background: Synovial sarcoma (SS) of an extremity or trunk is a relatively rare type of soft tissue sarcoma. SS most commonly affects adolescents and young adults. SS usually originates at anExpand
Violence: A Micro-Sociological Theory
no clear address or cause.” My experience has been quite the opposite. Nothing is more terrifying than a physician uttering a sentence that begins, I have some bad news, and ends with a definitiveExpand
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