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Psychometric properties of the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale-21 in older primary care patients.
The Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS) was designed to efficiently measure the core symptoms of anxiety and depression and has demonstrated positive psychometric properties in adult samples ofExpand
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Psychological treatment for panic disorder with agoraphobia: a randomized controlled trial to examine the role of therapist-guided exposure in situ in CBT.
OBJECTIVE Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a first-line treatment for panic disorder with agoraphobia (PD/AG). Nevertheless, an understanding of its mechanisms and particularly the role ofExpand
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Assessing psychological flexibility: what does it add above and beyond existing constructs?
The construct of psychological flexibility (PF) is a central concept in acceptance and commitment therapy. It is defined as the process of contacting the present moment fully as a conscious humanExpand
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Neuropeptide S receptor gene — converging evidence for a role in panic disorder
Animal studies have suggested neuropeptide S (NPS) and its receptor (NPSR) to be involved in the pathogenesis of anxiety-related behavior. In this study, a multilevel approach was applied to furtherExpand
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Obsessive–compulsive disorder in the community: 12-month prevalence, comorbidity and impairment
BackgroundAlthough subthreshold conditions are associated with impairment in numerous disorders, research on obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) below the diagnostic threshold of DSM-IV in theExpand
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The structure of common mental disorders: A replication study in a community sample of adolescents and young adults
Previous research suggests that patterns of comorbidity of common mental disorders among adults are best reflected by a hierarchical three‐factor structure with two correlated factorsExpand
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Worry Exposure versus Applied Relaxation in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Background: Worry exposure (WE) is a core element of cognitive-behavioral treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Its efficacy as a stand-alone treatment method (without furtherExpand
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Agoraphobia and Panic
Background: The relationship of panic attacks (PA), panic disorder (PD) and agoraphobia (AG) is controversial. The aim of the current study is to prospectively examine the 10-year natural course ofExpand
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MAOA and mechanisms of panic disorder revisited: from bench to molecular psychotherapy
Panic disorder with agoraphobia (PD/AG) is a prevalent mental disorder featuring a substantial complex genetic component. At present, only a few established risk genes exist. Among these, the geneExpand
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Agoraphobia: a review of the diagnostic classificatory position and criteria
The status of agoraphobia (AG) as an independent diagnostic category is reviewed and preliminary options and recommendations for the fifth edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM‐V) areExpand
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