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Little string theory in a double scaling limit
A double scaling limit can be defined in string theory on a Calabi-Yau (CY) manifold by approaching a point in moduli space where the CY space develops an isolated singularity and at the same time
Comments on string theory on AdS(3)
We study string propagation on $AdS_3$ times a compact space from an ``old fashioned'' worldsheet point of view of perturbative string theory. We derive the spacetime CFT and its Virasoro and current
Brane dynamics and gauge theory
The authors review some aspects of the interplay between the dynamics of branes in string theory and the classical and quantum physics of gauge theories with different numbers of supersymmetries in
Superstrings on AdS_3 and Symmetric Products
Some properties of N=2 superstrings on AdS_3 x N are studied. Their spectrum has the same pattern as 2-d CFTs in the moduli space of symmetric products M^p/S_p, where p is associated with the number
Holography for Non-Critical Superstrings
We argue that a class of ``non-critical superstring'' vacua is holographically related to the (non-gravitational) theory obtained by studying string theory on a singular Calabi-Yau manifold in the