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Genome-wide expression profile of sporadic gastric cancers with microsatellite instability.
A tight immunosurveillance coupled with a functional p53 gene response is consistent with the better prognosis of MSI cancers, and the DNA repair gene expression profile of gastric cancer with MSI is of relevance for therapy response. Expand
Recurrence quantification analysis of the logistic equation with transients
Recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) detects state changes in drifting dynamical systems without necessitating any a priori constraining mathematical assumptions. Study of the logistic equationExpand
Climate induced temperature effects on growth performance, fecundity and recruitment in marine fish: developing a hypothesis for cause and effect relationships in Atlantic cod (**Gadus morhua**) and
The preliminary conclusion can be drawn that warming will cause a northern shift of distribution limits for both species with a rise in growth performance and fecundity larger than expected from the Q10 effect in the north and lower growth or even extinction of the species in the south. Expand
Detecting deterministic signals in exceptionally noisy environments using cross-recurrence quantification
Abstract The demonstrated ability of recurrence quantification analysis to detect very subtle patterns in time series was exploited to devise a filter able to recognize and extract signals buried inExpand
Cell Fate Decision as High-Dimensional Critical State Transition
Early warning signals associated with critical transitions can be detected in statistical ensembles of high-dimensional systems, offering a formal theory-based approach for analyzing single-cell molecular profiles that goes beyond current computational pattern recognition, does not require knowledge of specific pathways, and could be used to predict impending major shifts in development and disease. Expand
Recurrence Quantification Analysis and Principal Components in the Detection of Short Complex Signals
Abstract Recurrence plots were introduced to aid in the detection of signals in complicated data series. This effort was taken a step further by the quantification of recurrence plot elements. We nowExpand
MicroRNA-486-3p Regulates γ-Globin Expression in Human Erythroid Cells by Directly Modulating BCL11A
The data indicate that miR-486-3p might contribute to different HbF levels observed among thalassemic patients and, possibly, to the clinical severity of the disease. Expand
A Specific Mutational Signature Associated with DNA 8-Oxoguanine Persistence in MUTYH-defective Colorectal Cancer
8-Oxoguanine, a common mutagenic DNA lesion, generates G:C > T:A transversions via mispairing with adenine during DNA replication. When operating normally, the MUTYH DNA glycosylase preventsExpand
A Multiscale Graph Theoretical Approach to Gene Regulation Networks: A Case Study in Atrial Fibrillation
The changes in between gene expression correlation structure induced in heart tissue by atrial fibrillation are studied by means of a graph theoretical approach and the presence of a still largely unknown, scale invariant, global correlation field encompassing the entire genome is demonstrated. Expand
Nonlinear signal analysis methods in the elucidation of protein sequence-structure relationships.
This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, as to provide real-time information about the response of the immune system to EMTs. Expand