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Rome, Ravenna and the last western emperors
  • A. Gillett
  • Geography
  • Papers of the British School at Rome
  • 1 November 2001
ROMA, RAVENNA E GLI ULTIMI IMPERATORI D'OCCIDENTE Nonostante Ravenna sia stata a lungo considerata come la capitale degli imperatori tardo-romani e dei loro successori in Occidente, Odoacre e iExpand
Ethnogenesis: A Contested Model of Early Medieval Europe
Abstract Recent research in late antique and early medieval history has paid much attention to ‘Ethnogenesis’. The historical model associated with this term explains the change from the classicalExpand
Ravenna and the last western emperors
Envoys and political communication in the late antique West, 411-533
Preface 1. Embassies and political communication in the post-imperial world 2. The provincial view of Hydatius 3. The hero as envoy: Sidonium Appollinaris's Panegyric on Avitus 4. The saint as envoy:Expand
The Date and Circumstances of Olympiodorus of Thebes
Olympiodorus of Thebes is an important figure for the history of late antiquity. The few details of his life preserved as anecdotes in his History give glimpses of a career which embraced the skillsExpand
Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West, 411–533: THE PROVINCIAL VIEW OF HYDATIUS
In 467, the Gothic army of Toulouse assembled before its new king Euric. The soldiers, fully armed, were watched by several envoys sent to Euric by Remismund, king of the Sueves in western Spain.Expand