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Patient complaints in healthcare systems: a systematic review and coding taxonomy
Background Patient complaints have been identified as a valuable resource for monitoring and improving patient safety. This article critically reviews the literature on patient complaints, andExpand
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A Pragmatist Approach to the Problem of Knowledge in Health Psychology
The multiplicity of forms of health-related knowledge, including biomedical knowledge, lay knowledge and critical constructionist knowledge, raises challenges for health researchers. On one hand,Expand
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Cognitive function and assistive technology for cognition: a systematic review.
The relationship between assistive technology for cognition (ATC) and cognitive function was examined using a systematic review. A literature search identified 89 publications reporting 91 studies ofExpand
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Intersubjectivity: Towards a Dialogical Analysis
Intersubjectivity refers to the variety of possible relations between perspectives. It is indispensable for understanding human social behaviour. While theoretical work on intersubjectivity isExpand
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A qualitative method for analysing multivoicedness
‘Multivoicedness’ and the ‘multivoiced Self’ have become important theoretical concepts guiding research. Drawing on the tradition of dialogism, the Self is conceptualised as being constituted by aExpand
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The Healthcare Complaints Analysis Tool: development and reliability testing of a method for service monitoring and organisational learning
Background Letters of complaint written by patients and their advocates reporting poor healthcare experiences represent an under-used data source. The lack of a method for extracting reliable dataExpand
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Using Resources: Conceptualizing the Mediation and Reflective Use of Tools and Signs
The idea that culture comprises resources that are used has become a popular means to re-conceptualize the culture—agency antinomy. However, the theorization of using resources is fragmented. TheExpand
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Imagination in Human and Cultural Development
This book positions imagination as a central concept which increases the understanding of daily life, personal life choices, and the way in which culture and society changes. Case studies from microExpand
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Collaborative analysis of qualitative data
The wide range of approaches to data analysis in qualitative research can seem daunting even for experienced researchers. Expand
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Position Exchange Theory: A socio-material basis for discursive and psychological positioning
Dialogicality within discourse and the self has been widely observed and analyzed. But how does this dialogicality develop and change? And how is it related to society? We argue that people movingExpand
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