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Voicing the Silent Fear: South Asian Women's Experiences of Domestic Violence
  • A. Gill
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 12 November 2004
This article examines the subjective experiences of South Asian women in the United Kingdom who have suffered domestic violence, and identifies some of the risk factors for domestic violence within
Coercion, Consent and the Forced Marriage Debate in the UK
An examination of case law on forced marriage reveals that in addition to physical force, the role of emotional pressure is now taken into consideration. However, in both legal and policy discourse,
Honor Killings and the Quest for Justice in Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in the United Kingdom
  • A. Gill
  • Sociology, Law
  • 7 January 2009
Crimes of honor are characterized by violence against women (VAW) and are consequently not gender neutral. This article not only examines the relationship between gender and violence in communities
Patriarchal violence in the name of 'honour'
This article e xplains how notions or honour can act as catalysts for s o-called honourbased violence when ideas of family and community are c hallenged b y women, and highlights a number of recent
Introduction: ‘Honour’ and ‘Honour’-Based Violence: Challenging Common Assumptions
In recent years, violence against women (VAW) committed in the name of ‘honour’ has attracted increasing attention across the globe. Unfortunately, media accounts and policy discourses concerning
Interrogating cultural narratives about ‘honour’- based violence
On 3 August 2012, Shafilea Ahmed’s parents were convicted of her murder, nine years after the brutal ‘honour’ killing. The case offers important insights into how ‘honour’-based violence might be
Violence between female in-laws in India
Indian mothers-in law are consistently legally implicated in violence against their daughters-in-law, particularly in dowry-related cases. This paper explores whether current sociological,
The illusion of protection? An analysis of forced marriage legislation and policy in the UK
This article examines the background, provisions and implications of the 2007 Forced Marriage Civil Bill, with specific regard to the UK government's present efforts to address the problem of forced
Reconceptualising consent and coercion within an intersectional understanding of forced marriage
Reconceptualising consent and coercion within an intersectional understanding of Forced Marriage