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The Constitution of Society. Outline of the Theory of Structuration
Anthony Giddens has been in the forefront of developments in social theory for the past decade. In "The Constitution of Society" he outlines the distinctive position he has evolved during that periodExpand
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The consequences of modernity
Part I:. Introduction. The Discontinuities of Modernity. Security and Danger, Trust and Risk. Sociology and Modernity. Modernity, Time and Space. Disembedding. Trust. The Reflexivity of Modernity.Expand
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Central Problems in Social Theory: Action, Structure and Contradiction in Social Analysis
Preface Introduction 1. Structuralism and the Theory of the Subject 2. Agency, Structure 3. Institutions, Reproduction, Socialization 4. Contradiction, Power, Historical Materialism 5. Ideology andExpand
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The Transformation of Intimacy: Sexuality, Love, and Eroticism in Modern Societies
Preface. Introduction. 1. Everyday Experiments, Relationships, Sexuality. 2. Foucault on Sexuality. 3. Romantic Love and Other Attachments. 4. Love, Commitment and the Pure Relationship. 5. Love, SexExpand
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Attachment and Loss, Volume I: Attachment
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Central Problems In Social Theory
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Runaway World: How Globalisation Is Reshaping Our Lives
'This little book is full of insights about who we are and where we are going.' - Financial Times The most accessible book yet by one of the most influential thinkers of our time, Runaway WorldExpand
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Reflexive Modernization: Politics, Tradition and Aesthetics in the Modern Social Order
The theme of reflexivity has come to be central to social analysis. In this book three prominent social thinkers discuss the implications of "reflexive modernization" for social and cultural theoryExpand
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The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy
Preface. 1. Socialism and After. The death of socialism. Old--style social democracy. The neoliberal outlook. The doctrines compared. The recent debates. Structures of political support. The fate ofExpand
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The Transformation of Intimacy
tom šire se i ovladavaju prostorom uglavnom ratovima, ekonomska dominacija ostvaruje se uz pomoć tržišta i sredstvima ekonomske prisile, dok "kulturna dominanta" još ne po­ stoji. Na svjetskomExpand
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