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Preselection of high and low ovulatory responders in sheep multiple ovulation and embryo transfer programs.
The present study evaluated the feasibility of carrying out an easy-to-handle and cost-efficient test for the preselection of high- and low-ovulatory responder ewes under superovulatory protocols.Expand
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Dual Reporter Bioluminescence Imaging with NanoLuc and Firefly Luciferase.
Bioluminescence imaging is a powerful, broadly utilized method for noninvasive imaging studies in cell-based assays and small animal models of normal physiology and multiple diseases. In combinationExpand
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Functional Isolation of Tumor-Initiating Cells using Microfluidic-Based Migration Identifies Phosphatidylserine Decarboxylase as a Key Regulator
Isolation of tumor-initiating cells currently relies on markers that do not reflect essential biologic functions of these cells. We proposed to overcome this limitation by isolating tumor-initiatingExpand
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Hormonal therapeutic strategy on the induction of accessory corpora lutea in relation to follicle size and on the increase of progesterone in sheep.
We determined the effect of GnRH or hCG treatment on day 4 post-time artificial insemination (FTAI) on the formation of accessory corpora lutea (acc-CL) and on the concentration of serum progesteroneExpand
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Effect of GnRH or hCG administration on Day 4 post insemination on reproductive performance in Merino sheep of North Patagonia.
Different therapeutic strategies have been used with the objective of improve luteal function to reduce embryonic losses. The objective of this work was to study the effect of the administration ofExpand
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Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Apoptosis
Genetically encoded fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) reporters are powerful tools for analyzing cell signaling and function at single-cell resolution in standard 2D cell cultures, butExpand
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Effects of season and superovulatory treatment on embryo yields in fine-wool Merinos maintained under field conditions.
The aim of the study was to assess the effects of superovulatory treatment (multiple FSH-dose vs single-shot FSH treatment) and seasonality on embryo yields in fine-wool Merino ewes. Treatment basedExpand
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Imaging Sensitivity of Quiescent Cancer Cells to Metabolic Perturbations in Bone Marrow Spheroids
Malignant cells from breast cancer, as well as other common cancers such as prostate and melanoma, may persist in bone marrow as quiescent, nondividing cells that remain viable for years or evenExpand
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Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of a Caspase‐3 Apoptosis Reporter
Caspase‐3 is a proteolytic enzyme that functions as a key effector in apoptotic cell death. Determining activity of caspase‐3 provides critical information about cancer cell viability and response toExpand
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Pre-Selection Test to Identify High Responder Donor Goats.
The aim of the study was to evaluate the feasibility of pre-selection of high or low responder does prior to the superovulatory protocols. Twenty Saanen does received 800 IU of equine chorionicExpand
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