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Manipulation of Voting Schemes: A General Result
It has been conjectured that no system of voting can preclude strategic voting-the securing by a voter of an outcome he prefers through misrepresentation of his preferences. In this paper, for allExpand
Thinking How to Live
I. Preliminaries 1. Introduction: A Possibility Proof 2. Intuitionism as Template: Emending Moore II. The Thing to Do 3. Planning and Ruling Out: The "Frege-Geach" Problem 4. Judgment, Disagreement,Expand
Counterfactuals and Two Kinds of Expected Utility
We begin with a rough theory of rational decision-making. In the first place, rational decision-making involves conditional propositions: when a person weighs a major decision, it is rational for himExpand
Two Recent Theories of Conditionals
Two new and fundamentally different accounts of conditionals and their logic have been put forth, one based on nearness of possible worlds and the other based on subjective conditional probabilities, but each has an important application to natural language, or so I shall argue. Expand
Wise choices, apt feelings : a theory of normative judgment
I. Analyses: 1. The puzzle 2. Nature and judgment 3. Analyses broached 4. Normative psychology 5. Normative logic II. Psyche in nature: 6. Natural representation 7. Moral emotions III. NormativeExpand
Straightforwardness of Game Forms with Lotteries as Outcomes
A GAME FORM IS ANY SYSTEM which makes an outcome depend on individual actions of some kind, called strategies. Prime examples are systems of voting. Where voting consists of each person's marking aExpand
Contingent identity
s = c & 0 (s exists & c exists & s f c). (1) This claim of contingent identity, if true, has important ramifications. Later I shall develop theories of concrete things and proper names which areExpand