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Tachykinin receptors and tachykinin receptor antagonists.
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Muscarinic receptor subtypes: M1 and M2 biochemical and functional characterization.
Abstract The heterogeneity of muscarinic receptors was examined in sympathetic ganglia and atria by “in vitro” binding techniques and functional studies. As tools we have used the classicalExpand
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Simultaneous recording of vesical and urethral pressure in urethane-anesthetized rats: effect of neuromuscular blocking agents on the activity of the external urethral sphincter.
In urethane-anesthetized rats we made a disconnection of the urinary bladder from the urethra and performed a simultaneous recording of the vesical and external urethral sphincter (EUS) pressures.Expand
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Mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 activation prevents &bgr;-amyloid-induced endothelial cell dysfunction and restores angiogenesis
Summary Amyloid &bgr; peptides (A&bgr;1–40 and A&bgr;1–42) cause cerebral degeneration by impairing the activity of angiogenic factors and inducing apoptosis and senescence in the endothelium.Expand
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Comparison of tachykinin NK1 and NK2 receptors in the circular muscle of the guinea‐pig ileum and proximal colon
1 The aim of this study was the pharmacological characterization of tachykinin NK1 and NK2 receptors mediating contraction in the circular muscle of the guinea‐pig ileum and proximal colon. TheExpand
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In vivo and in vitro pharmacology of SR 48,968, a non-peptide tachykinin NK2 receptor antagonist.
The activity of SR 48,968, a novel non-peptide antagonist of tachykinin NK2 receptors was evaluated in vitro in several bioassays for the NK2 receptor (rabbit pulmonary artery, rabbit bronchus,Expand
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NK2 tachykinin receptors and contraction of circular muscle of the human colon: characterization of the NK2 receptor subtype.
The contractile effect of substance P, neurokinin A, receptor selective agonists for tachykinin receptors and NK2 tachykinin receptor antagonists was investigated in mucosa-free circular strips ofExpand
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MEN 11420 (Nepadutant), a novel glycosylated bicyclic peptide tachykinin NK2 receptor antagonist
The pharmacological profile was studied of MEN 11420, or cyclo{[Asn(β‐D‐GlcNAc)‐Asp‐Trp‐Phe‐Dap‐Leu]cyclo(2β‐5β)}, a glycosylated derivative of the potent, selective, conformationally‐constrainedExpand
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Tachykinin receptors in the circular muscle of the guinea‐pig ileum
1 We have studied the mechanical response of circular strips of the guinea‐pig ileum to tachykinins and characterized the receptors involved by means of receptor‐selective agonists. 2 The stripsExpand
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Exogenous BH4/Bcl-2 Peptide Reverts Coronary Endothelial Cell Apoptosis Induced by Oxidative Stress
Background: Vascular endothelium undergoes apoptosis when exposed to reactive oxygen species (ROS), including hydrogen peroxide and superoxide radicals. ROS are believed to be the cause of damage toExpand
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