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A new two-moment bulk stratiform cloud microphysics scheme in the Community Atmosphere Model, version 3 (CAM3). Part I: Description and numerical tests
A new two-moment stratiform cloud microphysics scheme in a general circulation model is described. Prognostic variables include cloud droplet and cloud ice mass mixing ratios and numberExpand
[1] The extratropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (Ex-UTLS) is a transition region between the stratosphere and the troposphere. The Ex-UTLS includes the tropopause, a strong staticExpand
Climate model genealogy: Generation CMIP5 and how we got there
On the basis of one atmosphere model, it is shown how statistical methods can identify similarities between model versions and complement process understanding in characterizing how and why a model has changed. Expand
CloudSat mission: Performance and early science after the first year of operation
[1] This paper reports on the early mission performance of the radar and other major aspects of the CloudSat mission. The Cloudsat cloud profiling radar (CPR) has been operating since 2 June 2006 andExpand
Distribution and influence of convection in the tropical tropopause region
[1] A global analysis of convective cloud in the tropical tropopause region (12–17 km) is presented. The analysis is based on high-resolution global imagery of cloud brightness temperatures fromExpand
Toward a Minimal Representation of Aerosols in Climate Models: Description and Evaluation in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5
Abstract. A modal aerosol module (MAM) has been developed for the Community Atmosphere Model version 5 (CAM5), the atmospheric component of the Community Earth System Model version 1 (CESM1). MAM isExpand
Climate variability and conflict risk in East Africa, 1990–2009
The relationship between temperature and conflict shows that much warmer than normal temperatures raise the risk of violence, whereas average and cooler temperatures have no effect. Expand
Cloud influence on and response to seasonal Arctic sea ice loss
[1] Recent declines in Arctic sea ice extent provide new opportunities to assess cloud influence on and response to seasonal sea ice loss. This study combines unique satellite observations withExpand
Transport above the Asian summer monsoon anticyclone inferred from Aura Microwave Limb Sounder tracers
[1] Tracer variability above the Asian summer monsoon anticyclone is investigated using Aura Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) measurements of carbon monoxide, ozone, water vapor, and temperature duringExpand