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Plan Constraints and Preferences in PDDL3
We propose an extension to the PDDL language, called PDDL3.0, that aims at a better characterization of plan quality by allowing the user to express strong and soft constraints about the structure ofExpand
Deterministic planning in the fifth international planning competition: PDDL3 and experimental evaluation of the planners
The results indicate significant progress in the field, but they also reveal that some important issues remain open and require further research, such as dealing with strong constraints and computing high quality plans in metric-time domains and domains involving soft goals or constraints. Expand
Planning Through Stochastic Local Search and Temporal Action Graphs in LPG
This paper focuses on temporal planning, introducing TA-graphs and proposing some techniques to guide the search in LPG using this representation, and shows that these techniques can be very effective. Expand
LPG: A Planner Based on Local Search for Planning Graphs with Action Costs
A corner bracket for use in mounting and locating a mounting bracket for a window covering including an inverted L-shaped mounting plate having a plurality of preformed slots and holes for receivingExpand
Plan Stability: Replanning versus Plan Repair
This work presents arguments to support the claim that plan stability is a valuable property, and proposes an implementation, based on LPG, of a plan repair strategy that adapts a plan to its new context. Expand
Preferences and soft constraints in PDDL3
It is proposed to extend PDDL with new constructs increasing its expressive power about the plan quality specification, and it is believed that these criteria for plan quality are insufficient. Expand
Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Reasoning with RCC-8 and Allen's Interval Calculus: Computational Complexity
This work starts with the spatial calculus RCC-8 and Allen's interval calculus in order to construct a qualitative spatio-temporal calculus and shows that satisfiability is still in NP. Expand
An Approach to Temporal Planning and Scheduling in Domains with Predictable Exogenous Events
This paper proposes an approach to planning in temporal domains with exogenous events that happen at known times, imposing the constraint that certain actions in the plan must be executed during some predefined time windows which integrates constraint-based temporal reasoning into a graph-based planning framework using local search. Expand
An approach to efficient planning with numerical fluents and multi-criteria plan quality
An incremental approach to automated planning with numerical fluents and multi-criteria objective functions for pddl numerical planning problems and defines the numerical action graph (NA-graph) representation for numerical plans and proposes some new local search techniques using this representation. Expand
Fast Plan Adaptation through Planning Graphs: Local and Systematic Search Techniques
A domain-independent method for plan adaptation that combines two techniques that can be used either for solving a plan adaptation task or as a preprocessing for reducing the number of inconsistencies in the input plan. Expand