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On Exact Tachyon Potential in Open String Field Theory
In these notes we revisit the tachyon lagrangian in the open string field theory using background independent approach of Witten from 1992. We claim that the tree level lagrangian (up to second orderExpand
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Towards integrability of topological strings. I. Three-forms on Calabi-Yau manifolds
The precise relation between Kodaira-Spencer path integral and a particular wave function in seven dimensional quadratic field theory is established. The special properties of three-forms in 6d, asExpand
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Higgs Bundles, Gauge Theories and Quantum Groups
The appearance of the Bethe Ansatz equation for the Nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the equivariant integration over the moduli space of Higgs bundles is revisited. We argue that the wave functionsExpand
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Two-dimensional Gauge Theories and Quantum Integrable Systems
In this paper the relation between 2d topological gauge theories and Bethe Ansatz equations is reviewed. In addition we present some new results and clarifications. We hope the relations discussedExpand
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Liouville Type Models in the Group Theory Framework:. I. Finite-Dimensional Algebras
In this series of papers we represent the "Whittaker" wave functional of the (d + 1)-dimensional Liouville model as a correlator in (d + 0)-dimensional theory of the sine–Gordon type (for d = 0 andExpand
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Hypoosmotic Regulation in Anadromous Marine Sturgeon, with Special Reference to the Structure and Function of Their Kidneys and Gill Chloride Cells
Studies of osmotic and ionic regulation in ecologically diverse acipenserid fish (which include freshwater, anadromous brackish-water, and anadromous marine species) have a bearing on ourExpand
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Changes in sodium, calcium and magnesium ion concentrations in sturgeon (Huso huso) urine and in kidney morphology
During adaptation to brackish water the young great sturgeon Huso huso is able to regulate its serum osmolarity and ion concentrations. After transfer from fresh water to brackish water the ionExpand
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Morphofunctional remodelling of the osmoregulatory system in starred sturgeon Acipenser stellatus (Acipenseridae) during transition from hyperosmotic to hypoosmotic regulation
Morphological changes in the complex of functionally linked organs responsible for maintaining the osmotic homeostasis in immature euryhaline acipenserid species—starred sturgeon AcipenserExpand
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On a Classical Limit of q-Deformed Whittaker Functions
Previously, we derive a representation of q-deformed $${\mathfrak{gl}_{\ell+1}}$$ -Whittaker function as a sum over Gelfand–Zetlin patterns. This representation provides an analog of theExpand
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Stringy Higgs Mechanism and the Fate of Open Strings
We propose a refinement of the physical picture describing different vacua in bosonic string theory. The vacua with closed strings and open strings are connected by the string field theory version ofExpand
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