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Changes in Plant Community Diversity and Floristic Composition on Environmental and Geographical Gradients
Trends in community composition and diversity of neotropical forests as measured by a series of samples of (1) plants 2 2.5 cm dbh in 0.1 ha, (2) plants over 10 cm dbh in 1-ha plots, and (3) completeExpand
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Patterns of neotropical plant species diversity.
Diversity has been given a central role in attempts to develop a general theory of ecology (Johnson and Raven, 1970). Much attention has been focused on large-scale trends, such as the increase inExpand
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Neotropical Floristic Diversity: Phytogeographical Connections Between Central and South America, Pleistocene Climatic Fluctuations, or an Accident of the Andean Orogeny?
The interchange of plant species between North and South America has been a major factor in determining the Neotropical phytogeographical patterns observed today. Although this has long beenExpand
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In his classic work Schimper (1888), emphasizing the taxonomic diversity of epiphytes, listed 33 families and 232 genera of epiphytes. Until very recently, subsequent authors have generally acceptedExpand
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The useful plants of Tambopata, Peru: I. Statistical hypotheses tests with a new quantitative technique
This paper describes a new, simple, quantitative technique for evaluating the relative usefulness of plants to people. The technique is then compared to the quantitative approaches in ethnobotanyExpand
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Valuation of an Amazonian rainforest
Exploitation of non-wood resources would provide profits while conserving Amazon forests. Yet little is done to promote their development.
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Tree species richness of upper Amazonian forests.
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Upper Amazonian data for tree species richness in 1-hectare plots are reported. All plants >/=10 cm diameter were censused and identified in six plots in Amazonian Peru and one on theExpand
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The useful plants of Tambopata, Peru: II. Additional hypothesis testing in quantitative ethnobotany
We present results of applying a simple technique to statistically test several hypotheses in ethnobotany, using plant use data from non-indigenous people in southeast Peru. Hypotheses testedExpand
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Dynamics and species richness of tropical rain forests.
We present a worldwide analysis of humid tropical forest dynamics and tree species richness. New tree mortality, recruitment, and species richness data include the most dynamic and diverse matureExpand
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