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Bio-physical coupling in the formation of zooplankton and fish aggregations over abrupt topographies
Abstract Aggregations of zooplankton, micronekton and fish are frequently observed above seamounts, canyons and shelf breaks. The aggregations are produced by five different mechanisms, all driven byExpand
In situ feeding and element removal in the symbiont-bearing sponge Theonella swinhoei: Bulk DOC is the major source for carbon
The findings indicate that the role of DOC in metazoan nutrition and therole of metazoans in DOC cycling may have been grossly underestimated. Expand
Vertical mixing and coral death in the Red Sea following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo
THE eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines led to a cold air-temperature anomaly throughout the Middle East during the winter of 19921. Here we report that the vertical mixing in the Gulf ofExpand
Corals on seamount peaks provide evidence of current acceleration over deep-sea topography
Geological and physical studies of seamounts have suggested the existence of distinct deep-sea habitats, characterized by exposed rocky bottom and a unique current regime1–9. However, few biologicalExpand
Flow enhances photosynthesis in marine benthic autotrophs by increasing the efflux of oxygen from the organism to the water
It is suggested that water motion should be considered a fundamental factor, equivalent to light and nutrients, in determining photosynthesis rates in marine benthic autotrophs. Expand
Phytoplankton distribution and grazing near coral reefs
Depletion of phytoplankton cells and pigments over coral reefs was studied in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, during 1994-1996, and rates greatly exceeded reported values of carbon input to coral reefs via zooplankon predation. Expand
A coral reef refuge in the Red Sea.
It is suggested that the Gulf of Aqaba (GoA) (Red Sea) may serve as a reef refugium due to a unique suite of environmental conditions, and millennia of natural selection have selected coral genotypes that are less susceptible to thermal stress in the northern Red Sea, delaying bleaching events in the GoA by at least a century. Expand
Boundary layer turbulence and flow structure over a fringing coral reef
Measurements of velocity and rates of turbulence were made across a fringing coral reef in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, to determine the effect that the rough topography has on boundary layer mixingExpand
InEx—a direct in situ method to measure filtration rates, nutrition, and metabolism of active suspension feeders
An in situ, nonintrusive technique of direct measurement of the rate and efficiency by which an active suspension feeder removes substances from (to) the water it filters is presented and discussed. Expand
Swimming Against the Flow: A Mechanism of Zooplankton Aggregation
resolution of their motion from that of the water showed that the animals effectively maintained their depth by swimming against upwelling and downwelling currents moving at rates of up to tens of body lengths per second, causing their accumulation at frontal zones. Expand