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Fungal Planet description sheets: 320–370
Novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from Malaysia: Castanediella eucalypti from Eucalyptus pellita, Codinaea acacia from Acacia mangium, Emarcea eucalyptigenaExpand
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Banana contains a diverse array of endogenous badnaviruses.
Banana streak disease is caused by several distinct badnavirus species, one of which is Banana streak Obino l'Ewai virus. Banana streak Obino l'Ewai virus has severely hindered international bananaExpand
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An inordinate fondness for Fusarium: phylogenetic diversity of fusaria cultivated by ambrosia beetles in the genus Euwallacea on avocado and other plant hosts.
Ambrosia beetle fungiculture represents one of the most ecologically and evolutionarily successful symbioses, as evidenced by the 11 independent origins and 3500 species of ambrosia beetles. Here weExpand
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The diversity of Banana streak virus isolates in Uganda
Summary.In a study of the variation among isolates of Banana streak virus (BSV) in Uganda, 140 sequences were obtained from 49 samples by PCR across the conserved reverse transcriptase/RNaseH regionExpand
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The classification and nomenclature of endogenous viruses of the family Caulimoviridae
Endogenous members of the family Caulimoviridae have now been found in the genomes of many plant species. Although these sequences are usually fragmented and rearranged and show varying degrees ofExpand
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Characterisation of a virus from Australia that is closely related to papaya mosaic potexvirus
SummaryWe have isolated a previously undescribed potexvirus from Alternanthera pungens (Amaranthaceae) in southern Queensland, Australia. This virus was shown to have a moderately wide experimentalExpand
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The effect of Banana streak virus on the growth and yield of dessert bananas in tropical Australia.
We have examined the effect of a strain of Banana streak virus (BSV-Cav) on the growth and yield of dessert bananas (Musa AAA group, Cavendish subgroup cv. Williams) in north Queensland, Australia.Expand
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Soral synapomorphies are significant for the systematics of the Ustilago-Sporisorium-Macalpinomyces complex (Ustilaginaceae)
The genera Ustilago, Sporisorium and Macalpinomyces are a polyphyletic complex of plant pathogenic fungi. The four main morphological characters used to define these genera have been consideredExpand
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Fungal Planet description sheets: 371–399
Novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from Australia: Neoseptorioides eucalypti gen. & sp. nov. from Eucalyptus radiata leaves, Phytophthora gondwanensis fromExpand
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Characterisation of Banana streak Mysore virus and evidence that its DNA is integrated in the B genome of cultivated Musa
Summary.We have sequenced the complete genome of an isolate of Banana streak virus from banana cv. ‘Mysore’ and show that it is sufficiently different from a previously characterised isolate from cv.Expand
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