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Discrimination of alarm pheromone (E)-beta-farnesene by aphid odorant-binding proteins.
It is suggested that OBP3 could mediate response of aphids to the alarm pheromone, and similarities between OBP sequences of the same species are poor with 31% or less of identical amino acids. Expand
Perception of dogs' stress by their owners
Abstract Questionnaires potentially have a broad applicability in measuring stress levels in dogs, as owners know their dogs' behavior and personality better than anyone else. The aim of thisExpand
Improvement in children's humaneness toward nonhuman animals through a project of educational anthrozoology
Abstract The aim of the current research was to assess the effects of a project of educational anthrozoology on primary-school children. The study focused on 201 school children, aged 9-11 years, whoExpand
Differential expression of odorant-binding proteins in the mandibular glands of the honey bee according to caste and age.
The high expression of different OBPs in the mandibular glands suggests that such proteins could be involved in solubilization and release of semiochemicals, and is investigated in relation to caste and age. Expand
Post-conflict friendly reunion in a permanent group of horses (Equus caballus)
The results of the present study show that both dyadic reconciliation and third-party post-Conflict affiliative interactions form important social mechanisms for managing post-conflict situations in horses. Expand
Influence of morning maternal care on the behavioural responses of 8-week-old Beagle puppies to new environmental and social stimuli
Abstract In mammals, maternal care represents a major constituent of the early-life environment and its influence on individual development has been documented in rodents, non-human primates, humansExpand
Dog attachment to man: A comparison between pet and working dogs
KEYWORDS: attachment; dog; handler; owner; pet; working Abstract Shared activities are known to create a good relationship between dog and man. Therefore, it can be expected that animals working inExpand
Owners as a secure base for their dogs
A modified version of the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test was used to analyse 40 dog–owner pairs in order to assess whether owners can represent a secure base for their dogs. The Wilcoxon testExpand
Maternal behaviour in domestic dogs: a comparison between primiparous and multiparous dogs
In primiparous mothers there was a marked increase in licking the anogenital area, nursing and staying in contact with the puppies from day 1 to 21, which led at the end of the third week to a higher quantity of maternal care com - pared to multiparousMothers; whilst in multiparrous mothersthere was a tendency towards constant maternal care. Expand
Guardians' Perceptions of Cats' Welfare and Behavior Regarding Visiting Veterinary Clinics
Educating guardians and veterinarians to minimize stress during every stage of a clinic visit is the best approach to improving welfare for cats visiting the clinic. Expand