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The impact of family policies on fertility in industrialized countries: a review of the literature
This paper examines the theoretical propositions and empirical evidence linking policies and fertility. More specifically, the analysis presented in this paper draws attention to the complexExpand
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Family Benefits and Fertility: An Econometric Analysis
quality of life of families, either financially or by allowing parents to combine more easily employment and family responsibilities. But while such policies have been welcomed by the electorate, weExpand
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Educational differences in parents' time with children: Cross-national variations
We analyze time diary data from 24,546 married mothers and married fathers in Canada, Germany, Italy, and Norway to determine whether the effect of education on child-care time variesExpand
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Are Parents Investing Less Time in Children? Trends in Selected Industrialized Countries
Trends in parental time invested in children since the 1960s are examined in 16 industrialized countries using time-use survey data. Despite the time pressures that confront today's families, parentsExpand
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Family Policies in Industrialized Countries: Is There Convergence?
Abstract This article examines the trends in family policies in 22 industrialized countries since 1970. Based on time-series of indicators of cash benefits and support for working parents, itExpand
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Time Use at Older Ages
This article analyzes patterns of time use of older adults in the following nine countries: Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the UnitedExpand
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State and the Family: A Comparative Analysis of Family Policies in Industrialized Countries.
In a number of industrialized countries, on the assumption that fertility remains at or close to present levels, populations will start to decline, in some cases quite rapidly in the near to mediumExpand
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A Review of the Literature on the Social and Economic Determinants of Parental Time
Parental time has been identified as a key determinant in the healthy development of a child. The literature on this topic has rapidly increased in recent years and has revealed large variations inExpand
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