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Dispersion stability and methylcyclopentane hydrogenolysis in Pd/Al2O3 catalysts
Abstract Pd/Al2O3 catalysts with different palladium contents and precursor salts have been submitted to a reduction–oxidation cycle and their dispersions have been measured. The catalysts presentedExpand
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Characterization of Cr/SiO2 catalysts and ethylene polymerization by XPS
Abstract Cr/SiO2 catalysts with 1 or 3 wt.% Cr loadings and different chromium precursors were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). A method toExpand
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Chemicals from ethanol—The acetone one-pot synthesis
Abstract Ethanol is a platform molecule that can generate many different products employing one-pot processes and multifunctional catalysts. The synthesis of acetone from ethanol is a good example ofExpand
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Methanol conversion over acid solid catalysts
Abstract A molecular sieve SAPO-34 with high density of strong acid sites was synthesized and its performance in methanol conversion was compared with the performances of ZSM-5, mordenite and betaExpand
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Chemicals from ethanol - The dehydrogenative route of the ethyl acetate one-pot synthesis
Abstract Ethanol produced from cellulosic residues will be in large supply all over the world in the next decades. Undoubtedly, bioethanol will be used as a gasoline substitute or additive. TakingExpand
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Characterization of chromium species in catalysts for dehydrogenation and polymerization
Abstract Chromium catalysts, prepared with different chromium contents, supports and precursor compounds, were characterized by O2 and CO chemisorption, in order to quantify the Cr3+ and Cr2+ sites,Expand
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The one-pot ethyl acetate syntheses: The role of the support in the oxidative and the dehydrogenative routes
Abstract Both the dehydrogenative and the oxidative routes for the one-pot ethyl acetate synthesis from ethanol were studied using physical mixtures of Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 or PdO/m-ZrO2 with three differentExpand
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The influence of Cr precursors in the ethylene polymerization on Cr/SiO2 catalysts
Abstract Cr/SiO 2 catalysts, prepared with different precursor salts, were characterized in their calcined and reduced forms and investigated in their activity for the ethylene polymerization. In theExpand
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Chemicals from ethanol—The ethyl acetate one-pot synthesis
Abstract The direct synthesis of ethyl acetate from ethanol, a renewable raw material, was studied using PdO/SiO 2 catalysts and the oxidative route. These catalysts were prepared by ionic exchangeExpand
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The unfinished journey with modafinil and discovery of a novel population of modafinil-immunoreactive neurons.
Modafinil, a wake-promoting compound now used worldwide in sleep medicine, was initially regarded as a sedative compound because mice were so quiet with respect to locomotion after receiving it thatExpand
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