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Reservoir impulse response estimation using Joint Migration Inversion
Summary In this abstract, we demonstrate a target-oriented imaging strategy to estimate the impulse responses from a local target in the subsurface from surface seismic data. The presented strategyExpand
Reservoir Elastic Parameters Estimation from Surface Seismic Data Using JMI-res: A Full-Wavefield Approach
Summary Any target-oriented localised inversion scheme for reservoir elastic parameters is as good as the input dataset. Thus, the accuracy of the input dataset i.e. local reflection response orExpand
On a matrix equality involving partial transposition and its relation to the separability problem
In matrix theory, a well established relation (AB) = BA holds for any two matrices A and B for which the product AB is defined. Here T denote the usual transposition. In this work, we explore theExpand
AVP-preserving estimation of reservoir impulse responses
Estimating the reservoir properties from surface seismic data for a target below a complex overburden is a challenging problem. One of the approaches is to apply reservoir-oriented local inversionExpand