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A hospital survey of postpartum depression education at the time of delivery.
PPD education is one of several topics covered during hospitalization for newly delivered mothers and health providers of all disciplines should be involved in educating a new mother about PPD. Expand
Potentially Preventable Care: Ambulatory Care-sensitive Pediatric Hospitalizations in South Carolina in 1998
A high percentage of children living in poverty and an absence of federally qualified community health centers were predictive of high county ACSC rates, and poverty and the absence of a provider serving low-income children increaseACSC rates. Expand
Clenbuterol induced changes in cholesterol and triglyceride levels of gastrocnemius, pectoralis and heart of rat under work induced stress.
Heart showed decreased cholesterol and increased triglyceride level in the animals under work stress, but at the same time drug treatment led to a significant increase in levels of the two lipid fractions, inferring towards deleterious effect of the drug on heart. Expand
Agile Software Development
The bases of Agile software development is on the need to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of the valuable software. It’s a set of best practice that allows rapid deliveryExpand
Histological evidences of reparative and regenerative effects of beta-adrenoceptor agonists, clenbuterol and isoproterenol, in denervated rat skeletal muscle.
The results suggests that both clenbuterol and isoproterenol hydrochloride are capable of mimicking normal innervation functions in skeletal muscle and thus play important role in the structural and functional reorganization of tissue. Expand
Bride burning : crime against women
Nonadditive Measures of Average Charge for Heterogeneous Questionnaires
Average charge for heterogeneous questionnaires under λ -nonadditivity is characterized and it is shown that there are only two forms of the measure of charge, one containing one parameter and the other two. Expand
Suggested person‐to‐person transmission of M.
Working and impact of integrated rural development programme
Isoproterenol ameliorates workstress-induced rat skeletal muscle degeneration.
Isoproterenol reversed the conditions by raising cholesterol and triglyceride levels significantly in the skeletal muscles and also by ameliorating the degenerative changes in muscle fibres as induced by work overload, however, severe accumulation of lipids in heart infers towards deleterious effects of isoprotserenol on heart and thus remains a limiting factor for its immediate clinical application. Expand