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Postmodernism and the environmental crisis
Postmodernism and the Environmental Crisis is the only book to combine cultural theory and environmental philosophy. In it, Arran Gare analyses the conjunction between the environmental crisis, theExpand
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Mathematics, Explanation and Reductionism: Exposing the Roots of the Egyptianism of European Civilization
  • A. Gare
  • Mathematics, Philosophy
  • 15 August 2005
We have reached the peculiar situation where the advance of mainstream science has required us to dismiss as unreal our own existence as free, creative agents, the very condition of there beingExpand
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Environmental Philosophy: A Collection of Readings
Contents: Ethical principals for environmental protection / Robert Goodin -- Political representation for future generations / Gregory S. Kavka and Virginia L. Warren -- On the survival of humanity /Expand
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Human Ecology and Public Policy: Overcoming the Hegemony of Economics
The thinking of those with the power to formulate and implement public policy is now almost totally dominated by the so-called science of economics. While efforts have been made to supplement orExpand
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MacIntyre, Narratives, and Environmental Ethics
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Post-modernism as the decadence of the social democratic state
In this paper it is argued that the corresponding rise of post-modernism and the triumph of neo-liberalism are not only not accidental, the triumph of neo-liberalism has been facilitated byExpand
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Overcoming the Newtonian paradigm: the unfinished project of theoretical biology from a Schellingian perspective.
  • A. Gare
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Progress in biophysics and molecular biology
  • 1 September 2013
Defending Robert Rosen's claim that in every confrontation between physics and biology it is physics that has always had to give ground, it is shown that many of the most important advances in mathematics and physics over the last two centuries have followed from Schelling's demand for a new physics that could make the emergence of life intelligible. Expand
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Systems Theory and Complexity: Introduction
In this paper the central ideas and history of complexity theory and systems theory are described. It is shown how these theories lend themselves to different interpretations, and differentExpand
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