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Egyptian Grammar: Being an Introduction to the Study of Hieroglyphs
Although the first edition of the study appeared over seventy years ago, Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar remains the most comprehensive presentation of Middle Egyptian available, and is still an
The Theory of Speech and Language
The mechanism of speech is discussed under headings such as Speech and the Factors Involved Therein, The Act of Speech, The Mutual Relations of Language and Speech, and The Sentence and Its Form.
The Egyptian Origin of the Semitic Alphabet
AMONG the unsolved problems of philology and archaeology few present more interest or more difficulty than that of the origin of the Semitic scripts and, derivatively, of our own writing. It is
Ramesside Texts Relating to the Taxation and Transport of Corn
THE present article, though not wholly confined to texts hitherto untranslated, aims principally at bringing to the notice of scholars certain little studied documents that may provide a background