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The marble of O Incio (Galicia, Spain): Quarries and first archaeometric characterisation of a material used since roman times
In spite of the great leap forward experienced in our understanding of the use of marble and other ornamental stones in Roman Spain, provenance studies are still quite uncommon in some territories of
The exploitation of local stone in Roman times: the case of north-eastern Spain
Abstract As in many other areas of the Roman Empire, the exploitation of stone resources for the construction of buildings, public areas, infrastructure, sculptures, inscriptions and other objects,
The Espejón limestone (Soria, Spain): archaeometric characterization
Na medida em que todas as obras da UC Digitalis se encontram protegidas pelo Código do Direito de Autor e Direitos Conexos e demais legislação aplicável, toda a cópia, parcial ou total, deste
Reuse of the Marmora from the Late Roman Palatial Building at Carranque (Toledo, Spain) in the Visigothic Necropolis
The archaeological site of Carranque (Toledo, Spain) is one of the most important Hispano-Roman sites in terms of the use of marmora during the late Roman Empire. The research carried out since 2004