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Systematic List of Fossil Decapod Crustacean Species
This chapter discusses the classification of the fossil decapod crustaceans and some of the conventions employed within the text.
New decapod assemblage from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) of Gara Sbaa, southeastern Morocco
The report of decapod crustaceans from the "Hamada des Kem Kem" slope (SE Morocco) has previously been limited to only one report by Garassino et al. (2006). The recent disco- very of macrurans,
New genera and species of shrimps ( Crustacea : Decapoda : Dendrobranchiata , Caridea ) from the Upper Jurassic lithographic limestones of S Germany
From the Upper Jurassic Solnhofen Lithographic Limestones of Eichstätt and Zandt (S Franconia) and from the Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone (Swabia) 4 new genera and 8 new species of natant decapod
A New Family Of Coleoids From The Lower Jurassic Of Osteno, Northern Italy
The discovery of well preserved and almost complete fossil coleoid cephalopods near Osteno in northern Italy has allowed the original study of a single specimen by Pinna (1972) to be enhanced and the new family Ostenoteuthidae (Order uncertain) is erected.
Middle Jurassic Monte Fallano Plattenkalk (Campania, southern Italy): first report on terrestrial plants, decapod crustaceans and fishes
A new Jurassic fossiliferous Plattenkalk has been discovered at Monte Fallano (Caserta, Campania, southern Italy). Biostratigraphic analyses indicate a Bajocian/Bathonian age (Middle Jurassic). The
The macruran decapod crustaceans of the Dolomia di Forni (Norian, Upper Triassic) of Carnia (Udine, NE Italy)
This work describes the macruran decapod crustaceans of the Dolomia di Forni (Norian, Upper Triassic) of Carnia (Udine, NE Italy). It is an important fauna of the alpine Upper Triassic sharing some
The decapod community from the Early Pliocene (Zanclean) of “La Serra” quarry (San Miniato, Pisa, Toscana, central Italy): sedimentology, systematics, and palaeoenvironmental implications
An unusual and rich decapod crustacean assemblage from the early Pliocene (Zanclean), recently collected during the excavations of the “La Serra” quarry, located in La Serra, near San Miniato, Pisa, central Italy, is reported, indicative of a palaeoenvironment of shallow sublittoral water.
Archaeosculda phoenicia n. gen., n. sp. (Crustacea, Stomatopoda, Pseudosculdidae) from the upper cretaceous (Cenomanian) of Lebanon
The second species and genus of Pseudosculdidae is described from the Cenomanian of Lebanon and differs chiefly in the broad and subovate rather than elongate, triangular telson and presence of prominent instead of indistinct primary teeth lateral to the primary sub-median teeth.
Galicia marianae n. gen., n. sp. (Crustacea, Decapoda, Astacidea) from the Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) of the Southern Polish Uplands
Streszczenie Galicia marianae n. gen., n. sp. is described from the Middle Oxfordian limestones of the Southern Polish Uplands, in vicinity of Kraców. Glyphea (Glyphea) muensteri (Voltz), together