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Rapid changes of glacial climate simulated in a coupled climate model
Abrupt changes in climate, termed Dansgaard–Oeschger and Heinrich events, have punctuated the last glacial period (∼100–10 kyr ago) but not the Holocene (the past 10 kyr). Here we use anExpand
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CLIMBER-2: a climate system model of intermediate complexity. Part I: model description and performance for present climate
Abstract A 2.5-dimensional climate system model of intermediate complexity CLIMBER-2 and its performance for present climate conditions are presented. The model consists of modules describingExpand
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Simulation of an abrupt change in Saharan vegetation in the mid-Holocene
Climate variability during the present inter- glacial, the Holocene, has been rather smooth in compar- ison with the last glacial. Nevertheless, there were some rather abrupt climate changes. One ofExpand
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Simulation of modern and glacial climates with a coupled global model of intermediate complexity
A global coupled ocean–atmosphere model of intermediate complexity is used to simulate the equilibrium climate of both today and the Last Glacial Maximum, around 21,000 years ago. The modelExpand
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Carbon cycle, vegetation, and climate dynamics in the Holocene: Experiments with the CLIMBER-2 model
Holocene was accompanied by significant changes in vegetation cover and an increase inatmosphericCO2concentration.TheessentialquestioniswhetheritispossibletoexplainExpand
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Simulation of the cold climate event 8200 years ago by meltwater outburst from Lake Agassiz
meltwater pulse is assumed to have a volume of 1.6 10 14 m 3 and a period of discharge of 2 years on the basis of glaciological modeling of the decay of the Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS). We present aExpand
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Thermohaline circulation hysteresis: A model intercomparison
We present results from an intercomparison of 11 different climate models of intermediate complexity, in which the North Atlantic Ocean was subjected to slowly varying changes in freshwater input.Expand
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On the stability of the atmosphere‐vegetation system in the Sahara/Sahel region
A conceptual model has been developed for the analysis of atmosphere- vegetation interaction in subtropical deserts. The model can exhibit multiple stable states in the system' a "desert" equilibriumExpand
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Transient simulation of the last glacial inception. Part I: glacial inception as a bifurcation in the climate system
We study the mechanisms of glacial inception by using the Earth system model of intermediate complexity, CLIMBER-2, which encompasses dynamic modules of the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere and iceExpand
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Possible solar origin of the 1,470-year glacial climate cycle demonstrated in a coupled model
Many palaeoclimate records from the North Atlantic region show a pattern of rapid climate oscillations, the so-called Dansgaard–Oeschger events, with a quasi-periodicity of ∼1,470 years for the lateExpand
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