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Difference in icosahedral short-range order in early and late transition metal liquids.
New short-range order data are presented for equilibrium and undercooled liquids of Ti and Ni. These were obtained from in situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction measurements of electrostaticallyExpand
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Rapid chemical and topological ordering in supercooled liquid Cu46Zr54
Evidence for abrupt chemical ordering in a supercooled Cu46Zr54 liquid, obtained from high energy x-ray diffraction in a containerless processing environment, is presented. Relatively sudden changesExpand
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Functional nanostructures through nanosecond laser dewetting of thin metal films
Techniques for processing nanoscale metallic structures with spatial order and tunable physical characteristics, such as size and microstructure, are paramount to realizing applications in the areasExpand
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First x-ray scattering studies on electrostatically levitated metallic liquids: demonstrated influence of local icosahedral order on the nucleation barrier.
To explain the unusual stability of undercooled liquids against crystallization, Frank hypothesized that the local structures of undercooled liquids contain a significant degree of icosahedralExpand
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Icosahedral order, frustration, and the glass transition: evidence from time-dependent nucleation and supercooled liquid structure studies.
One explanation for the glass transition is a geometrical frustration owing to the development of non-space-filling short-range order (icosahedral, tetrahedral). However, experimental demonstrationsExpand
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Self-organized bimetallic Ag-Co nanoparticles with tunable localized surface plasmons showing high environmental stability and sensitivity.
We demonstrate a promising synthesis route based on pulsed laser dewetting of bilayer films (Ag and Co) to make bimetallic nanoparticle arrays. By combining experiment and theory we establish aExpand
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The effect of phase separation on subsequent crystallization in Al88Gd6La2Ni4
Abstract To understand the crystallization (devitrification) kinetics of Al-rich Al–RE–TM (RE=rare earth, TM=transition metal) amorphous alloys, the devitrification of Al 88 Gd 6 La 2 Ni 4 wasExpand
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Effects of microalloying with 3d transition metals on glass formation in AlYFe alloys
Abstract The effects of microalloying on glass formation and stability were systematically investigated by substituting 0.5 at.% of all 3d transition metals for Al in Al88Y7Fe5 alloys. X-rayExpand
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A note on the asymptotic behavior of conditional extremes
Suppose (X1, Z1),...,(Xn, Zn) are i.i.d. as (X, Z). Let Mnk be the maximum of all Zi's for which Xt is among the k-nearest neighbors of x0. It is shown that Mnk has the same asymptotic distributionExpand
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Volume expansion measurements in metallic liquids and their relation to fragility and glass forming ability: an energy landscape interpretation.
Recent studies of Cu-Zr glasses have reported a rapid variation in the amorphous phase density near the optimal glass forming compositions, supporting the belief that the densest liquids are also theExpand
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