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Phage display—A powerful technique for immunotherapy
One of the most effective molecular diversity techniques is phage display. This technology is based on a direct linkage between phage phenotype and its encapsulated genotype, which leads toExpand
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Cytotoxic impact of phenolics from Lamiaceae species on human breast cancer cells.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the cytotoxicity of dried aqueous extracts from Thymus serpyllum (ExTs), Thymus vulgaris (ExTv), Majorana hortensis (ExMh), and Mentha piperita (ExMp), and theExpand
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Structural and serological characterization of the major glycolipid from Rothia mucilaginosa.
Structural studies on the major glycolipid isolated from Rothia mucilaginosa were carried out utilising specific chemical degradation, NMR spectroscopy and matrix-assisted laser-desorption/ionizationExpand
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Enhanced formation of advanced oxidation protein products in IBD
Background: Advanced oxidation protein products (AOPPs) are new protein markers of oxidative stress with pro‐inflammatory properties, accumulated in many pathological conditions. The issue of theirExpand
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Novel Bacterial Polar Lipids Containing Ether-linked Alkyl Chains, the Structures and Biological Properties of the Four Major Glycolipids from Propionibacterium propionicum PCM 2431 (ATCC 14157T)*
Propionibacterium propionicum belongs to the “acnes group” of propionibacteria, which is currently considered as clinically important because of its growing potential in infections, in particularExpand
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Matrix Metalloproteinase-9: Its Interplay with Angiogenic Factors in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Matrix metalloproteinase- (MMP-) 9 is one of the main metalloproteinases reported to be involved in extracellular matrix degradation and recently also in triggering of angiogenic switch in the courseExpand
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Effect of sepsis and cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass on plasma level of nitric oxide metabolites, neopterin, and procalcitonin: correlation with mortality and postoperative complications
Abstract Objectives: To examine the hypothesis that nitrite/nitrate, neopterin, and procalcitonin (PCT) levels can be useful predictors of sepsis-associated mortality and predictors of theExpand
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Antioxidant activity of selected phenols estimated by ABTS and FRAP methods.
INTRODUCTION Phenols are the most abundant compounds in nature. They are strong antioxidants. Too high level of free radicals leads to cell and tissue damage, which may cause asthma, AlzheimerExpand
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Rothia amarae sp. nov., from sludge of a foul water sewer.
A Gram-positive bacterium, strain J18(T), isolated from sludge of a foul water sewer, was subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study. Phylogenetic analysis of the bacterium based on its 16S rDNAExpand
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Defensyny i katelicydyny jako naturalne antybiotyki peptydowe Defensins and cathelicidins as natural peptide antibiotics
Defensyny i katelicydyny nalezące do peptydow antydrobnoustrojowych (PAD), nazywane są takze naturalnymi antybiotykami. Wystepują one u Prokariota i Eukariota. Opisano je u bakterii, roślin,Expand
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