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In biotechnology, large firms enter into different kinds of linkages with universities and small/medium sized research-intensive firms. The authors test the hypothesis that the strategies of externalExpand
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Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy
The past two decades have seen a gradual but noticeable change in the economic organization of innovative activity. Most firms used to integrate research and development with activities such asExpand
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‘Old Economy’ Inputs for ‘New Economy’ Outcomes: Cluster Formation in the New Silicon Valleys
This paper discusses the results of a two-year research project on the sources of success in regional clusters of entrepreneurship and innovation like Silicon Valley. Our project has studied a numberExpand
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Markets for Technology and Their Implications for Corporate Strategy
Although market transactions for technologies, ideas, knowledge or information are limited by several well-known imperfections, there is evidence that they have become more common than in the past.Expand
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Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy
The article reviews the book “Markets for Technology: The Economics of Innovation and Corporate Strategy,” by Ashish Arora, Andrea Fosfuri and Alfonso Gambardella.
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The changing technology of technological change: general and abstract knowledge and the division of
Abstract In the past, most innovations have resulted from empiricist procedures; the outcome of each trial yielding knowledge that could not be readily extended to other contexts. While trialExpand
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Ideas for rent: an overview of markets for technology
This article surveys some of the recent literature on technology markets, and summarizes its main issues and insights. We structure our analysis in three parts: the supply and demand of technology;Expand
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The Value of European Patents
This paper employs data from an extensive European survey to produce one of the first systematic assessments of the private economic value of patents. The estimated mean of our patent valueExpand
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The market for patents in Europe
By using the PatVal-EU dataset we find that the most important determinant of patent licensing is firm size. Patent breadth, value, protection, and other factors suggested by the literature also haveExpand
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