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Shared decision-making in the medical encounter: what does it mean? (or it takes at least two to tango).
Shared decision-making is increasingly advocated as an ideal model of treatment decision-making in the medical encounter. To date, the concept has been rather poorly and loosely defined. This paperExpand
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Decision-making in the physician-patient encounter: revisiting the shared treatment decision-making model.
In this paper we revisit and add elements to our earlier conceptual framework on shared treatment decision-making within the context of different decision-making approaches in the medical encounterExpand
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The practice guidelines development cycle: a conceptual tool for practice guidelines development and implementation.
PURPOSE To develop a conceptual tool for the systematic development of cancer treatment practice guidelines. MATERIALS AND METHODS The guidelines development tool, the Practice GuidelinesExpand
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What matters most in end-of-life care: perceptions of seriously ill patients and their family members
Background: Initiatives to improve end-of-life care are hampered by our nascent understanding of what quality care means to patients and their families. The primary purpose of this study was toExpand
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Quality of Life of Individuals With Heart Failure: A Randomized Trial of the Effectiveness of Two Models of Hospital-to-Home Transition
Background. The growing number of patients with congestive heart failure has increased both the pressure on hospital resources and the need for community management of the condition. ImprovingExpand
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Health care contingent valuation studies: a review and classification of the literature.
PURPOSE The contingent valuation method (CVM) is a survey-based approach for eliciting consumer's monetary valuations for programme benefits for use in cost-benefit analysis (CBA). We used theExpand
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Maternal outcomes at 2 years after planned cesarean section versus planned vaginal birth for breech presentation at term: the international randomized Term Breech Trial.
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to compare maternal outcomes at 2 years postpartum after planned cesarean section and planned vaginal birth for the singleton fetus in breech presentation at term.Expand
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When Do the "Dollars" Make Sense?
There is growing interest in the application of cost-benefit analysis (CBA) as a tech nique for the economic evaluation of health care programs. A distinguishing feature of CBA is that costs andExpand
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Physician-patient-companion communication and decision-making: a systematic review of triadic medical consultations.
OBJECTIVE To systematically review quantitative and qualitative studies exploring physician-adult patient-adult companion (triadic) communication and/or decision-making within all medical encounters.Expand
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Effective/efficient mental health programs for school-age children: a synthesis of reviews.
The prevalence of mental health problems, some of which seem to be occurring among younger cohorts, leads researchers and policy-makers to search for practical solutions to reduce the burden ofExpand
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