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Effects of climate on pollination networks in the West Indies
Bird, bee and dipteran variation along the climate gradient can be largely explained by their physiological capabilities to respond to rainfall and temperature, but the effect of climate on other insect pollinator groups was more obscure. Expand
Plant–hummingbird interactions in the West Indies: floral specialisation gradients associated with environment and hummingbird size
Using nonmetric multidimensional scaling analysis, it is shown that hummingbird-pollinated plants in the West Indies separate in floral phenotypic space into two gradients—one associated with the abiotic environment and another with hummingbird size, which illustrates that, even within the hummingbirds' pollination flora, pollination syndrome and the degree of specialisation may vary tremendously depending on pollinator morphology and environment. Expand
The Puerto Rican Shorebird Network conducted monthly counts at 14 census sites from 2001-2003. Piping plovers ( Charadrius melodus ) were found overwintering in restricted locations at three of theExpand
Effects of Hurricane Georges on the Resident Avifauna of Maricao State Forest, Puerto Rico
Hurricane Georges crossed the island of Puerto Rico on 21-22 September 1998. Maricao State Forest, a montane reserve in southwestern Puerto Rico, was struck by Georges after being spared by hurri-Expand
Reproductive success of the Puerto Rican Vireo in a montane habitat
Abstract I studied the reproductive success of the Puerto Rican Vireo (Vireo latimeri) from 1998 to 2000 in Maricao State Forest, a montane reserve in the southwestern part of Puerto Rico. NoExpand
Ornithological research and conservation efforts in Puerto Rico
Abstract. —Previous to the 1970s, ornithological work in the Puerto Rico was limited to observations and collections done by visiting or resident ornithologists, naturalists, and hunters. However, aExpand
Seasonal changes in roost counts of the non-native White-winged Parakeet ( Brotogeris versicolurus ) in San Germán, Puerto Rico
The White-winged Parakeet ( Brotogeris versicolurus ), introduced to Puerto Rico from its native South America, has proved to be a successful colonizer, but surveys have been sporadic and little isExpand
Checklist of the birds of Finca Nolla, a recently protected area in northern Puerto Rico
Abstract  We present the first bird inventory conducted in Finca Nolla, a 42.8 ha wetland in northwestern Puerto Rico that was severely disturbed by agricultural and industrial activities throughoutExpand