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Temporal, diel and spatial variability of decapod larvae from St Paul's Rocks, an equatorial oceanic island of Brazil
Temporal, spatial and diel variation in the distribution and abundance of organisms is an inherent property of ecological systems. The present study describes these variations and the composition ofExpand
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Abundance and composition of decapod larvae at Saint Paul's Rocks (equatorial Atlantic)
We investigated the effect of interannual variation on the biodiversity and distribution of decapod larvae at Saint Paul's Rocks, an isolated small group of equatorial islands linked to the AtlanticExpand
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Distribution of decapod larvae in the surface layer of an isolated equatorial oceanic archipelago: the cases of benthic Grapsus grapsus (Brachyura: Grapsidae) and pelagic Sergestes edwardsi
Two different decapod larval assemblages inhabit the marine environment of Saint Paul’s Rocks, differentiating the inlet from the surrounding oceanic waters. Larvae of the crab Grapsus grapsus and ofExpand
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Meroplankton spatial structure and variability on Abrolhos Bank and adjacent areas, with emphasis on brachyuran larvae
The spatial distribution of meroplanktonic stages of benthic invertebrates was investigated on the Abrolhos Bank and adjacent shelf and oceanic areas during winter. Meroplanktonic larvae occurred atExpand
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Vertical distribution of benthic invertebrate larvae during an upwelling event along a transect off the tropical Brazilian continental margin
Abstract Abundance and composition of marine benthic communities have been relatively well studied in the SE Brazilian coast, but little is known on patterns controlling the distribution of theirExpand
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Spatial and temporal distribution of decapod larvae in the subtropical waters of the Arvoredo archipelago, SC, Brazil
The present paper aims to describe the temporal and spatial distribution of the composition and abundance of Decapoda larvae in the shallow waters around Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve.Expand
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Illustrated key for the identification of the known zoeal stages of brachyuran crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda) from tropical and subtropical Brazil, southwestern Atlantic
Approximately 370 brachyuran species have so far been recorded from the Brazilian coast, 123 of which have had theirlarval stages fully or partially described. The pictorial guide allows theExpand
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