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Ways and means of mobilising money and resources for war: a report from Session 69 XIV Congress of the International Economic History Association (Helsinki 21-25 August, 2006)
The general topic “mobilising money and resources for war” around which Session 69 was convened, must be understood as a central aspect of the building of the modern state as well as being an agentExpand
War contracting and artillery production in Spain
This article is part of a special issue on the relation between war and military enterprises in the long eighteenth century. The focus is on artillery as a military enterprise providing for the needsExpand
The merchant and the common good: social paradigms and the state’s influence in Western history
The 2013 symposium that was the first seed for this chapter had a thought-provoking title: ‘The Challenges of Capitalism for the Common Good’. This calls for a definition of capitalism itself andExpand
Between Private and Public Interests: The Moral Economy of Collaboration in Eighteenth-Century Spain
In eighteenth-century Spain, the complex public/private dichotomy was expressed, in a particular way, in the tax farming business and in the dealings of military contractors with the state. ThisExpand