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Health Food Junkies: Orthorexia Nervosa: Overcoming the Obsession With Healthful Eating
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Herb-drug interactions
Patients should caution patients against mixing herbs and pharmaceutical drugs, as many reports of herb-drug interactions are sketchy and lack laboratory analysis of suspect preparations. Expand
Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Menopausal Symptoms: A Review of Randomized, Controlled Trials
Review of randomized, controlled clinical trials of CAM therapies for menopausal symptoms found black cohosh to be beneficial for treating hot flashes, but these studies were small, of short duration, and far from sufficient to yield definitive conclusions. Expand
Citrus aurantium, an Ingredient of Dietary Supplements Marketed for Weight Loss: Current Status of Clinical and Basic Research
There is little evidence that products containing C. aurantium are an effective aid to weight loss, and synephrine, which is structurally similar to epinephrine, has lipolytic effects in human fat cells only at high doses. Expand
Herb-drug interactions: review and assessment of report reliability.
Herb-drug interactions undoubtedly do occur and may put individuals at risk, however the present knowledge is incomplete and more research is urgently needed. Expand
Following the Script: How Drug Reps Make Friends and Influence Doctors
This article, which grew out of conversations between a former drug rep and a physician who researches pharmaceutical marketing, reveals the strategies used by reps to manipulate physicianExpand
Dietary supplements and natural products as psychotherapeutic agents.
There is intriguing preliminary evidence for the use of folate, tryptophan, and phenylalanine as adjuncts to enhance the effectiveness of conventional antidepressants and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly docosahexaenoic acid, may have mood-stabilizing effects. Expand
The Haunting of Medical Journals: How Ghostwriting Sold “HRT”
Documents unsealed in recent litigation to investigate how pharmaceutical companies promoted hormone therapy drugs, including the use of medical writing companies to produce ghostwritten manuscripts and place them into medical journals are examined. Expand
Ethnobotanical literature survey of medicinal plants in the Dominican Republic used for women's health conditions.
This study offers a model to investigate changes in plant use as people migrate to urban centers where they are surrounded by diverse cultures, healing systems, and new environments. Expand