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Physiological and behavioral identification of vestibular nucleus neurons mediating the horizontal vestibuloocular reflex in trained rhesus monkeys.
1. To describe in detail the secondary neurons of the horizontal vestibuloocular reflex (VOR), we recorded the extracellular activity of neurons in the rostral medial vestibular nucleus of alert,Expand
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The brainstem burst generator for saccadic eye movements
Abstract. In the 16 years since we last summarized the behavior of the premotor elements that control saccades, research has revealed shortcomings in previous formulations of the control mechanismsExpand
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Prediction in the oculomotor system: smooth pursuit during transient disappearance of a visual target
SummaryEye movements were recorded in human subjects who tracked a target spot which moved horizontally at constant speeds. At random times during its trajectory, the target disappeared for variableExpand
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The characteristics and neuronal substrate of saccadic eye movement plasticity
Saccadic eye movements are shifts in the direction of gaze that rapidly and accurately aim the fovea at targets of interest. Saccades are so brief that visual feedback cannot guide them to theirExpand
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Discharge patterns in nucleus prepositus hypoglossi and adjacent medial vestibular nucleus during horizontal eye movement in behaving macaques.
1. Monkeys were trained to perform a variety of horizontal eye tracking tasks designed to reveal possible eye movement and vestibular sensitivities of neurons in the medulla. To test eye movementExpand
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A method for measuring horizontal and vertical eye movement chronically in the monkey.
FUCHS, ALBERT F., AND DAVID A. ROBINSON. A method for measuring horizontal and vertical eye movement chronically in the monkey. J. Appl. Physiol. 21(s) : 1068-1070. I g66.-Eye movements are measuredExpand
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Role of the caudal fastigial nucleus in saccade generation. II. Effects of muscimol inactivation.
1. We studied the effect of temporarily inhibiting neurons in the caudal fastigial nucleus in two rhesus macaques trained to make saccades to jumping targets. We placed injections of theExpand
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Rapid horizontal gaze movement in the monkey.
1. We studied horizontal eye and head movements in three monkeys that were trained to direct their gaze (eye position in space) toward jumping targets while their heads were both fixed and free toExpand
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Eye movements evoked by stimulation of frontal eye fields.
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Discharge patterns and recruitment order of identified motoneurons and internuclear neurons in the monkey abducens nucleus.
1. Single neurons in the abducens nucleus were recorded extracellularly in alert rhesus macaques trained to make a variety of eye movements. An abducens neurons was identified as a motoneuron (MN) ifExpand
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