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Development of a Universal Microarray Based on the Ligation Detection Reaction and 16S rRNA Gene Polymorphism To Target Diversity of Cyanobacteria
ABSTRACT The cyanobacteria are photosynthetic prokaryotes of significant ecological and biotechnological interest, since they strongly contribute to primary production and are a rich source ofExpand
Bioactivity in free-living and symbiotic cyanobacteria of the genus Nostoc
Fifty cyanobacterial strains from different habitats(symbioses, soil, fresh and marine waters) belongingto the genus Nostoc were cultured and tested forbioactivity. Thirty-seven strains were isolatedExpand
A textbook on plasma physics, with emphasis on the understanding of the physical mechanisms involved, rather than on minute details and high-level theoretical analysis. Expand
Detection and quantitation of genetically modified maize (Bt-176 transgenic maize) by applying ligation detection reaction and universal array technology.
We have applied the ligation detection reaction (LDR) combined with a universal array approach to the detection and quantitation of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplified cry1A(b) gene fromExpand
On directed-convex polyominoes in a rectangle
We provide bijective proofs for the number of directed-convex polyominoes having a fixed number of rows and columns in two ways: by means of the ECO method, and through a correspondence with the set of 2-colored Grand-Motzkin paths. Expand
A Tomographical Characterization of L-Convex Polyominoes
In this paper, by giving a characterization of L-convex polyominoes, we investigate the connection between uniqueness property and unimodality. Expand
Enumeration of convex polyominoes using the ECO method
We present a construction for the class of convex polyominoes based on the ECO method. Expand
Binary Matrices Under the Microscope: A Tomographical Problem
We show that, at least in the technical case of a smoothm × n binary matrix, it can be reconstructed from its rectangular scan in polynomial time in the parameters m and n, where the degree depends on the size of the window of inspection. Expand
A Closed Formula for the Number of Convex Permutominoes
In this paper we determine a closed formula for the number of convex permutominoes of size $n$. Expand
Characterization and enumeration of some classes of permutominoes
A permutomino of size n is a polyomino whose vertices define a pair of distinct permutations of length n. In this paper we treat various classes of convex permutominoes, including the parallelogram,Expand