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Recommendations for myeloid-derived suppressor cell nomenclature and characterization standards
Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) are a heterogeneous population expanded in cancer and other chronic inflammatory conditions. Here the authors identify the challenges and propose a set ofExpand
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Neuropilin 1 is expressed on thymus-derived natural regulatory T cells, but not mucosa-generated induced Foxp3+ T reg cells
Neuropilin-1 surface expression discriminates between nT reg cells with stable expression and Nrp1 low iT reg cells showing inducible expression under inflammatory conditions.
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Synthesis and incorporation of myelin polypeptides into CNS myelin
The distribution of newly synthesized proteolipid protein (PLP, 23 kdaltons) and myelin basic proteins (MBPs, 14-21.5 kdaltons) was determined in microsomal and myelin fractions prepared from theExpand
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In liver fibrosis, dendritic cells govern hepatic inflammation in mice via TNF-alpha.
Hepatic fibrosis occurs during most chronic liver diseases and is driven by inflammatory responses to injured tissue. Because DCs are central to modulating liver immunity, we postulated that alteredExpand
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Distinct populations of metastases‐enabling myeloid cells expand in the liver of mice harboring invasive and preinvasive intra‐abdominal tumor
The liver is the most common site of adenocarcinoma metastases, even in patients who initially present with early disease. We postulated that immune‐suppressive cells in the liver of tumor‐bearingExpand
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Type I IFN Modulates Innate and Specific Antiviral Immunity1
IFNs protect from virus infection by inducing an antiviral state and by modulating the immune response. Using mice deficient in multiple aspects of IFN signaling, we found that type I and type II IFNExpand
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MyD88 inhibition amplifies dendritic cell capacity to promote pancreatic carcinogenesis via Th2 cells
MyD88 blockade exaggerates the ability of dendritic cells to promote the transition from chronic pancreatitis to pancreatic cancer.
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Distinct Requirements for IFNs and STAT1 in NK Cell Function1
NK cell functions were examined in mice with a targeted mutation of the STAT1 gene, an essential mediator of IFN signaling. Mice deficient in STAT1 displayed impaired basal NK cytolytic activity inExpand
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Tumor-Infiltrating Macrophages Induce Apoptosis in Activated CD8+ T Cells by a Mechanism Requiring Cell Contact and Mediated by Both the Cell-Associated Form of TNF and Nitric Oxide1
We have investigated the ability of different cells present in murine tumors to induce apoptosis of activated CD8+ T cells in vitro. Tumor cells do not induce apoptosis of T cells; however,Expand
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Differential expression of MAG isoforms during development
The myelin‐associated glycoproteins (MAG) mediate the cell interactions of oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells with axons that are myelinated. MAG exists in two developmentally regulated isoforms:Expand
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