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Structural characterization of cold extracted fraction of soluble sulfated polysaccharide from red seaweed Gracilaria birdiae
Abstract Water soluble polysaccharide from Gracilaria birdiae cultivated along the northeast coast of Brazil was characterized by infrared (FT-IR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.Expand
Isolation and characterization of soluble sulfated polysaccharide from the red seaweed Gracilaria cornea
Abstract The composition, structure and rheological properties of a soluble sulfated polysaccharide from Gracilaria cornea (Brazilian red marine alga) were investigated. Agarocolloid yield, intrinsicExpand
Nutritive and non-nutritive attributes of washed-up seaweeds from the coast of Ceará, Brazil.
Despite moderate toxicity and antinutritional limitations, washed-up seaweeds represent a potential food alternative for humans after appropriate processing and environmental remediation to guarantee food safety. Expand
Structural characterization of polysaccharide obtained from red seaweed Gracilaria caudata (J Agardh).
High-Performance Size-Exclusion Chromatography demonstrated that PGC consists of a high molecular weight polysaccharide (2.5 × 10(5)gmol(-1)), which is mainly constituted by the alternating residues 3-linked-β-D-galactopyranose and 4- linked-3,6-α-L-anhydrogalactose. Expand
Antinociceptive properties in mice of a lectin isolated from the marine alga Amansia multifida Lamouroux.
The results show that LEC presents antinociceptive effects of both central and peripheral origin, possibly involving the participation of the opioid system. Expand
Polysaccharide isolated from Passiflora edulis: Characterization and antitumor properties
Abstract A hot water-extracted polysaccharide fraction (PFCM) of Passiflora edulis was characterized by microanalysis, infrared spectroscopy, NMR and high performance size-exclusion chromatography.Expand
Pectin from Passiflora edulis shows anti-inflammatory action as well as hypoglycemic and hypotriglyceridemic properties in diabetic rats.
Pectin, a bioactive compound present in P. edulis, has potential as a useful alternative treatment for type 2 diabetes and its anti-inflammatory properties are probably involved in its antidiabetic action. Expand
Purification and partial characterisation of a lectin from the red marine alga Vidalia obtusiloba C. Agardh
A lectina da alga marinha vermelha Vidalia obtusiloba foi purificada atraves da combinacao de precipitacao com sulfato de amonio, cromatografia de troca ionica em DEAE-celulose e cromatografia deExpand
Chemical structure and anti-inflammatory effect of polysaccharide extracted from Morinda citrifolia Linn (Noni).
It is concluded that the polysaccharide extracted from Morinda citrifolia linn has anti-inflammatory potential since it reversed inflammatory parameters such as edema, leukocyte migration and nociception. Expand
Sulfated‐polysaccharide fraction extracted from red algae Gracilaria birdiae ameliorates trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid‐induced colitis in rats
The aim of this study was to evaluate the protective effect of the sulfated‐polysaccharide (PLS) fraction extracted from the seaweed Gracilaria birdiae in rats with trinitrobenzenesulfonic acidExpand