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Relevance of motion artifact in electromyography recordings during vibration treatment.
Electromyography readings (EMGs) from quadriceps of fifteen subjects were recorded during whole body vibration treatment at different frequencies (10-50 Hz). Additional electrodes were placed on theExpand
Individual identification via electrocardiogram analysis
A survey of the techniques used so far in ECG-based human identification. Expand
Muscle motion and EMG activity in vibration treatment.
The aim of this study is to highlight the relationship between muscle motion, generated by whole body vibration, and the correspondent electromyographic (EMG) activity and to suggest a new method toExpand
An algorithm for FHR estimation from foetal phonocardiographic signals
The long-term foetal surveillance is often to be recommended. Hence, the fully non-invasive acoustic recording, through maternal abdomen, represents a valuable alternative to the ultrasonicExpand
Characterisation of baseline oscillation in congenital nystagmus eye movement recordings
Congenital nystagmus is an ocular-motor disorder that develops in the first few months of life; its pathogenesis is still unknown. Expand
Subject identification via ECG fiducial-based systems: Influence of the type of QT interval correction
This work is aimed at analysing the influence of seven QT interval correction methods (based on population models) on the performance of ECG-fiducial-based identification systems. Expand
Whole Body Vibration Treatments in Postmenopausal Women Can Improve Bone Mineral Density: Results of a Stimulus Focussed Meta-Analysis
Whole body vibration treatment is a non-pharmacological intervention intended to stimulate muscular response and increase bone mineral density, particularly for postmenopausal women. The literatureExpand
Acceleration driven adaptive filter to remove motion artifact from EMG recordings in Whole Body Vibration
Surface EMG recordings from leg quadriceps muscles of volunteers during whole body vibration therapy sessions at different oscillating frequency. Expand
A comparison of denoising methods for X-ray fluoroscopic images
An extensive comparison of advanced denoising algorithms specifically designed for both signal-dependent noise (AAS, BM3Dc, HHM, TLS) and independent additive noise (AV,BM3D, K-SVD) was presented. Expand
Bluetooth portable device for continuous ECG and patient motion monitoring during daily life
We realized a small, battery powered, portable monitor capable to record ECG and body three-axes acceleration and continuously wireless transmit to any Bluetooth device including PDA or cellular phone. Expand