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Low‐frequency magnetic field measurements near the epicenter of the Ms 7.1 Loma Prieta Earthquake
The authors report the results of measurements of low frequency magnetic noise by two independent monitoring systems prior to the occurrence of the M{sub s} 7.1 Loma Prieta earthquake of 17 October
Results of ULF magnetic field measurements near the epicenters of the Spitak (Ms = 6.9) and Loma Prieta (Ms = 7.1) earthquakes: Comparative analysis
The characteristics of the ULF magnetic field emissions measured at two magnetic observatories in the Republic of Georgia prior to and after the Ms = 6.9 earthquake that occurred near Spitak,
Spectrum of the geomagnetic activity index Ap
Abstract : The ionospheric propagation of high-frequency radio waves is profoundly influenced by the variations of sunspot numbers and of geomagnetic activity. Thus, details of these variations, and
Centered and eccentric geomagnetic dipoles and their poles, 1600–1985
Using a unified approach, expressions are derived for the various pole positions and other dipole parameters for the centered and eccentric dipole models of the earth's magnetic field. The pole
Ultra‐low frequency magnetic field measurements in southern California during the Northridge Earthquake of 17 January 1994
Measurements of ultra-low frequency (ULF) magnetic field fluctuations by two independent monitoring systems in Southern California were in progress during January 1994 when the moderately-large M6.7
Seasonal variations of globally measured ELF/VLF radio noise
Our laboratory has been conducting a global survey of extremely low frequency (ELF) and very low frequency (VLF) radio noise since February 1985. Eight measurement stations around the world record
The Planetary rate of sprite events
We propose a new formula to calculate the planetary rate of sprite events, based on observations with sprite detectors. This formula uses the number of detected sprites, the detection efficiency and
A weekend increase in geomagnetic activity
Superposed epoch analyses of a 46.5-year series of the geomagnetic activity indices Ap and of a 110-year series of the aa indices show a weekend increase in geomagnetic activity. A similar but not
A Transportable System for Monitoring Ultralow Frequency Electromagnetic Signals Associated with Earthquakes
Claims that electromagnetic (EM) signals occur associated with some earthquakes, typically prior to but sometimes during seismic activity, have appeared in the literature for several decades (Parrot