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Tai Chi as a Balance Improvement Exercise for Older Adults: A Systematic Review
  • H. Liu, A. Frank
  • Medicine
  • Journal of geriatric physical therapy
  • 1 July 2010
Purpose:The purpose of this systematic review was to identify exercise parameters and the most common outcome measures used in tai chi (TC) research. Methods:Ovid Medline and PubMed were used toExpand
Taijiquan and The Search for The Little Old Chinese Man
Qi, Daoism, and the Mystique of Lore Bodies, Lineages, Alleys Park Lives and Secret Spaces Taijiquan as Public Art Taijiquan as Master Symbol Fantasy, Poetry, Heroes Chinatown in Space FromExpand
Some Affective Bases for Guilt: Tomkins, Freud, Object Relations
MY CONTRIBUTION TO THIS SPECIAL ISSUE BEGINS BY RETREATING slightly from the topic and turning quickly to the intimately related one of shame. I do this, no doubt somewhat guiltily, because I find itExpand
The Effects of Housing Costs on Nursing Home Diversion
Abstract This article examines the effect of the housing market on nursing home diversion and/or transition. Prior evaluations of federally funded diversion/transition efforts indicate that lack ofExpand
Transferential Poetics, from Poe to Warhol
Feelings move. We know this, and yet naming that movement is tricky. We rely on familiar descriptions—happiness is contagious, sadness floods over one—to articulate the force and flow of feelings.Expand
Valdemar's Tongue, Poe's Telegraphy
Poe’s “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar” caused a stir when it fi rst appeared in American magazines in December 1845; many readers were willing to believe the tale’s fi rst-person scientifi cExpand
Bodies, Lineages, Alleys
“Good morning,” I blearily managed to mumble to Lao Deng and several other seniors I had never met who happened to be standing within earshot. As usual, Lao Deng had been the first to arrive forExpand
Teaching Daoism through Experiential Arts Learning
31 In Jet Li’s classic, pre-Hollywood filmTaiji Zhang Sanfeng (1993, aka The Tai Chi Master and Twin Warriors), the young monk Junbao (portrayed by Jet Li) and his trouble-making best friend, TianbaoExpand
Rethinking Asian Studies in the Interdisciplinary Honors Setting
INTRODUCTION In an interdisciplinary honors setting, especially at colleges and universities with minimal Asian studies offerings, teaching interdisciplinary Asian studies courses can present aExpand
Songs of Travel, Stories of Place: Poetics of Absence in an Eastern Indonesian Society by Timo Kaartinen (review)
Songs of Travel, Stories of Place: Poetics of Absence in an Eastern Indonesian Society. by timo kaartinen. FF communications no. 299. (helsinki: Suomalainen tiedeakatemia, 2010. Pp. 207,Expand