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The SALSA Corpus: a German Corpus Resource for Lexical Semantics
The frame-semantic annotation framework and its cross-lingual applicability, problems arising from exhaustive annotation, strategies for quality control, and possible applications are discussed. Expand
On Context Dependence In Modal Constructions
This paper investigates a new representation format for dynamic discourse in DRT, where contextual dynamics is modeled in terms of update conditions. This new representation format is motivated byExpand
Ontology-based information extraction and integration from heterogeneous data sources
The design, implementation and evaluation of SOBA is presented, a system for ontology-based information extraction from heterogeneous data resources, including plain text, tables and image captions, and it straightforwardly integrates deep and shallow natural language processing to increase robustness and accuracy. Expand
SALTO - A Versatile Multi-Level Annotation Tool
The SALTO tool was originally developed for the annotation of semantic roles in the frame semantics paradigm, but can be used for graphical annotation of treebanks with general relational information in a simple drag-and-drop fashion. Expand
A Web-based Tool for the Integrated Annotation of Semantic and Syntactic Structures
The concept of slot features is introduced, a novel constraint mechanism that allows modelling the interaction between semantic and syntactic annotations, as well as a new annotation user interface in WebAnno, a generic web-based annotation tool for distributed teams. Expand
A WordNet Detour to FrameNet
A weighting scheme to select the best frame(s) out of a set of candidate frames, and first figures of evaluation are presented to overcome sparse-data problems of statistical systems trained on current FrameNet data. Expand
Principle Based Semantics for HPSG
The paper presents a constraint based semantic formalism for HPSG that directly implements syntactic conditions on quantifier scoping and distributivity and is equipped with truth conditions and a proof theory that allows for inferences to be drawn directly on structures where quantifier scope is not resolved. Expand
Automatic F-Structure Annotation of Treebank Trees and CFGs extracted from Treebanks
We present two methods for automatically annotating treeba nk resources with functional structures. Both methods define systematic patt erns of correspondence between partial PS configurations andExpand
Question answering from structured knowledge sources
This work presents an implemented approach for domain-restricted question answering from structured knowledge sources, based on robust semantic analysis in a hybrid NLP system architecture, developed as a prototype system for two application domains. Expand
Casting Implicit Role Linking as an Anaphora Resolution Task
This work addresses the problem of data sparsity by applying heuristic labeling techniques, guided by the anaphoric nature of the phenomenon, and achieves performance beyond state-of-the art. Expand