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A sliding law for glaciers of constant viscosity in the presence of subglacial cavitation
  • A. Fowler
  • Geology
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A…
  • 8 September 1986
A method of solution for the problem of slow flow of a Newtonian viscous glacier slipping over a rough bed is constructed, for the case where cavities form when the lubricating water film pressureExpand
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Temperature surges in current-limiting circuit devices
This paper studies the problem of heat transfer in a thermistor, which is used as a switching device in electronic circuits. The temperature field is coupled to the current flow by ohmic heating inExpand
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Glaciers and Ice Sheets
Glaciers are huge and slow moving rivers of ice which exist in various parts of the world: Alaska, the Rockies, the Alps, Spitsbergen, China, for example. They drain areas in which snow accumulates,Expand
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Temperature Surges in Thermistors
A thermistor is a nonlinear resistor whose resistivity increases with temperature. We analyse a simple circuit containing such a device and show that under certain circumstances rapid temperatureExpand
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Acid polishing of lead glass
PurposeThe polishing of cut lead glass crystal is effected through the dowsing of the glass in a mixture of two separate acids, which between them etch the surface and as a result cause it to beExpand
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Acid Polishing of Lead Crystal Glass
The industrial partner manufactures high quality lead crystal glassware. The cutting of decorative features in the glass damages the surface and the cuts are optically opaque; to restoreExpand
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Blowing of polycrystalline silicon fuses
Polycrystalline silicon fuses are one time programmable memory elements which allow the calibration of integrated circuits at wafer and package level. We present a zero-dimensional lumped parameterExpand
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Predicting the shelf life of milk powder
The aim of this paper is to gain an understanding of the factors that influence the degradation of bags of milk powder when they are shipped around the world. We discuss two approaches, mathematicalExpand
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The initiation of Guinness
Guinness Draught is a distinctive beer, having a black body and a thick white head of foam. It is unusual in that it is always dispensed with a gas mixture of about 21 mole % carbon dioxide and 79Expand
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