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Developing the family of picolinate ligands for Mn2+ complexation.
A detailed 1H and 17O NMR relaxometric study was carried out to determine the parameters that govern the proton relaxivities of these complexes. Expand
Prevalence of eating disorders and minor psychiatric morbidity in central Europe before the political changes in 1989: a cross-cultural study.
It is concluded that eating disorders represented at least as common a problem in Eastern as Western Europe before the changes in political organization, and may be due to an identification process with Western values. Expand
[Epidemiologic data on eating disorders in Hungary: recent results].
The screening did not revealed anorectic subjects, while subclinical anorexia nervosa could be found in 0.4% of males, and in0.3% of females, and the prevalence of bulimia nervosa was 0% in males, 0. Expand
Crohn's disease alters MHC‐rafts in CD4+ T‐cells
The observed alterations of MHC‐rafts in Crohn's disease may have functional consequences regarding signaling by the raft components and the increases in density of surface bound cTx and in the associations of the receptors with the GM1‐ganglioside lipid molecules suggest stronger lipid raft interactions of the receptor. Expand
Media messages and eating disorders: Taste and price of a message
Eating habits have become increasingly irrational in the last century; a variety of eating disorders have appeared. Obesity seems to be impossible to cure. Nowadays, the impact of media-marketing isExpand
Mono-, bi-, and trinuclear bis-hydrated Mn(2+) complexes as potential MRI contrast agents.
A series of ligands containing pentadentate 6,6′-((methylazanediyl)bis(methylene))dipicolinic acid binding units that form mono-, di-, and trinuclear (mX(H2dpama)3) complexes with Mn2+ containing two coordinated water molecules per metal ion results in pentagonal bipyramidal coordination around the metal ions. Expand
Kinetic Model for Hydrolytic Nucleation and Growth of TiO2 Nanoparticles
A simple kinetic model is derived to describe the formation of TiO2 particles up to the size of a few hundred nanometers in an aqueous suspension. The model system for the kinetic experiments is theExpand
A Study on the Basic Criteria for Selecting Heterogeneity Parameters of F18-FDG PET Images
Four heterogeneity parameters out of 27 were found as the most attractive ones to characterize the textural properties of metabolically active tumors in FDG PET images and were independent of delineated tumor volume, provided reproducible values, and showed high sensitivity to changes in heterogeneity. Expand
Comprehensive evaluation of the physicochemical properties of Ln(III) complexes of aminoethyl-DO3A as pH-responsive T(1) -MRI contrast agents.
Eu(III) complexes allow one to estimate the number of inner-sphere water molecules through luminescence lifetime measurements and obtain some structural information through variable-temperature (VT) high-resolution (1) H NMR studies. Expand
Optimising the relaxivities of Mn2+ complexes by targeting human serum albumin (HSA).
A detailed relaxometric characterisation of the complexes using nuclear magnetic dispersion relaxation (NMRD) and NMR studies indicated that the increase in molecular weight associated with the presence of benzyl groups results in a remarkable increase of proton relaxivities r1p, which take values of 3.8, 3.5 and 2.5 mM-1 s-1. Expand