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The Second Crusade: Scope and Consequences
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Desertions and Transfers from Military Orders (Twelfth to Early-Fourteenth Centuries)
The taking of vows in a military order, as in other religious foundations, created a lifelong obligation. The phrase stabilitas loci , which is encountered in some documents relating to these orders,Expand
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The Trial of the Templars in Cyprus: A Complete English Edition by Anne Gilmour-Bryson (review)
The surviving records of the Templar trial in Cyprus in the early fourteenth century contain the testimonies of seventy-six brethren and fifty-six nonTemplar witnesses. The Templars all denied theExpand
The Papacy and the Commutation of Crusading Vows from one Area of Conflict to Another (1095–C. 1300)
Abstract:The practice of diverting crusaders from one area of conflict to another can be traced back at least as far as the beginning of the twelfth century. Commuting of vows in this way was earlyExpand
Visitations in Military Orders during the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Some military orders in Spain became affiliated directly or indirectly to the Cistercians and were therefore to be visited by the head of the mother house annually, although visits were usually toExpand
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Procedures for the Settlement of Disputes between Military Orders in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Military orders sought not only to prevent disputes with similar foundations by agreeing regulations on subjects such as transfers between orders but also to establish long-term procedures for theExpand
A proposal for the reform of the Hospital in the Late Thirteenth Century
Although opposition to masters was voiced in several military orders in the thirteenth century, the criticism expressed in the Hospital in 1295 was unusual in that an attempt was made to alter theExpand
Were the Templars Guilty, Even if They Were Not Heretics or Apostates?
In recent years a number of writers have claimed that, although the Templars were not heretics or apostates, abuses—such as denial of Christ and spitting on the cross—did take place at TemplarExpand
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Templars after the Trial. Further Evidence
Cet article examine le devenir des freres du Temple apres la dissolution de leur ordre en 1312, excepte en Angleterre et en Aragon (dont le cas a ete etudie ailleurs). Il s’attache a etablir dansExpand
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