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Production of K+ and of K- mesons in heavy-ion collisions from 0.6A to 2.0A GeV incident energy
This paper summarizes the yields and the emission patterns of K{sup +} and of K{sup -} mesons measured in inclusive C+C, Ni+Ni, and Au+Au collisions at incident energies from 0.6A to 2.0A GeV using
Additional Symmetries and String Equation of the CKP Hierarchy
Based on the Orlov and Shulman’s M operator, the additional symmetries and the string equation of the CKP hierarchy are established, and then the higher order constraints on Ll are obtained. In
The Form Factor Program: a Review and New Results - the Nested SU(N) Off-Shell Bethe Ansatz ?
The purpose of the "bootstrap program" for integrable quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions is to construct explicitly a model in terms of its Wightman functions. In this article, this program is
Integrable multiparametric quantum spin chains
Using Reshetikhin's construction for multiparametric quantum algebras we obtain the associated multiparametric quantum spin chains. We show that under certain restrictions these models can be mapped
Control of tunneling in an atomtronic switching device
The precise control of quantum systems will play a major role in the realization of atomtronic devices. As in the case of electronic systems, a desirable property is the ability to implement
Experimental realization of the Yang-Baxter Equation via NMR interferometry
An experimental realization of the Yang-Baxter equation is shown and its validity through a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) interferometric setup is verified and applied to a liquid state Iodotrifluoroethylene sample which contains molecules with three qubits.
Critical exponents of the disorder-driven superfluid-insulator transition in one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates
Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas F´isicas, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil(Dated: November 17, 2011)We investigate the nature of the superfluid-insulator quantum phase transition driven by disorderfor