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Long-term blood pressure and renal function in kidney donors.
We have reexamined 68 (92%) of 74 donors accepted at this center nine to 15 years ago. There was a moderate but significant increase in BP, and ten donors (15%) were hypertensive at the follow-up.Expand
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613 patients were included in a study to assess the extent to which HLA-matching and pretransplant blood transfusions affect the outcome of cadaveric renal transplantation in patients treated withExpand
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Kidney transplantation in patients older than 70 years of age.
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Surgical treatment as a principle in patients with advanced abdominal carcinoid tumors.
Seventy-five patients with advanced abdominal carcinoid tumors (65 midgut, 10 others) have been examined retrospectively to evaluate the role of surgical treatment as a principle, irrespective ofExpand
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Cytokine-induced procoagulant activity in monocytes and endothelial cells. Further enhancement by cyclosporine.
IL-1, IL-2, and TNF alpha are important biological response modifiers of inflammatory and immunological reactions. Our experiments show that these cytokines are potent inducers of thromboplastinExpand
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Renal autotransplantation
In the period, 1973–1985, a total of 305 renal autotransplantations (often with extracorporeal repair) were performed in 274 patients for fibromuscular (56) or atherosclerotic (98) renovascularExpand
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Urological Complications in 216 Human Recipients of Renal Transplants
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Long-term clinical results of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty in transplant renal artery stenosis.
Twenty-five patients with transplant artery stenosis were identified among 1141 renal graft recipients. Impaired graft function (9 patients), hypertension (4 patients) or both (12 patients) were theExpand
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Quality of life in Norwegian kidney donors.
The Norwegian kidney transplant programme is based on more extensive use of living donors than in other countries. Re-examination of the physical health of kidney donors has in the majority ofExpand
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Aortoiliac reconstruction in preparation for renal transplantation
Aortoliac angiography has always been an integral part of the pretransplantation work-up of renal transplant candidates in Norway. The present study was undertaken to investigate the value of thisExpand
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