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Expression of the zebrafish paired box gene pax[zf-b] during early neurogenesis.
The paired box-containing (pax) gene family encodes a group of putative transcription factors differentially expressed during embryonic development. In this study, we describe the cloning andExpand
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A vasa-like gene in zebrafish identifies putative primordial germ cells
The vasa gene is essential for germline formation in Drosophila. Vasa-related genes have been isolated from several organisms including nematode, frog and mammals. In order to gain insight into theExpand
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The zebrafish Pax3 and Pax7 homologues are highly conserved, encode multiple isoforms and show dynamic segment-like expression in the developing brain
This study describes the isolation and characterization of zebrafish homologues of the mammalian Pax3 and Pax7 genes. The proteins encoded by both zebrafish genes are highly conserved (>83%) relativeExpand
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Six class homeobox genes in Drosophila belong to three distinct families and are involved in head development
The vertebrate Six genes are homologues of the Drosophila homeobox gene sine oculis (so), which is essential for development of the entire visual system. Here we describe two new Six genes inExpand
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Expression of two zebrafish homologues of the murine Six3 gene demarcates the initial eye primordia
The murine homeobox gene Six3 and its Drosophila homologue sine oculis both have regulatory functions in eye development. We report the isolation and characterization of two zebrafish genes, six3 andExpand
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Zebrafish pax[zf‐a]: a paired box‐containing gene expressed in the neural tube.
Murine and human sequences homologous to the paired box of the Drosophila segmentation gene paired have been reported previously. Here we describe a zebrafish (Brachydanio rerio) pairedExpand
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Expression of the zebrafish gene hlx-1 in the prechordal plate and during CNS development.
The zebrafish hlx-1 gene belongs to the H2.0 subfamily of homeobox genes and is closely related to the mouse Dbx gene with respect to both homeodomain homology (96.7%) and neural expression duringExpand
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Expression pattern of zebrafish pax genes suggests a role in early brain regionalization
IN vertebrates the developing hindbrain is organized in segmental units1. These units provide the primary grid for differentiation and axonal outgrowth1,2. In the more anterior regions of the brain,Expand
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Isolation of caudal, a Drosophila homeo box‐containing gene with maternal expression, whose transcripts form a concentration gradient at the pre‐blastoderm stage
We report the isolation and characterization of caudal (cad), a previously unknown Drosophila homeo box‐containing gene from the 38E region on the left arm of the second chromosome. This homeo boxExpand
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Functional conservation of vertebrate seven‐up related genes in neurogenesis and eye development.
Several members of the steroid receptor superfamily, including the transcription factor COUP, are closely related to the Drosophila gene seven‐up (svp) which is required for the development of theExpand
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