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Scale Adaptive Simulation of a thermoacoustic instability in a partially premixed lean swirl combustor
Abstract The thermoacoustic oscillation of a turbulent, swirl-stabilized, partially premixed flame in the PRECCINSTA gas turbine model combustor is analyzed by means of a Scale Adaptive SimulationExpand
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Numerische Berechnung von Stickoxiden in turbulenten Flammen mit Transportgleichungs-PDF-Verfahren
Die Vermeidung und Reduktion von Schadstoffen ist ein zentraler Aspekt bei der Entwicklung technischer Verbrennungssysteme. Insbesondere bei Stickoxiden werden auf Grund gesetzlicher RegulierungenExpand
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Modeling of heat transfer and differential diffusion in transported PDF methods
Abstract In order to model the conditional diffusive heat and mass fluxes in the joint probability density function (PDF) transport equation of the thermochemical variables, the diffusive fluxes areExpand
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Development and Application of a Transported PDF Method on Unstructured Three-Dimensional Grids for the Prediction of Nitric Oxides
The present work explores the capability of the transported PDF (probability density function) method to predict nitric oxide (NO) formation in turbulent combustion. To this end a hybridExpand
Simulation of a Piloted Turbulent Sooting Jet-Flame using a Transported-PDF and a Sectional Soot Modeling Approach
In this work a Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) simulation of a piloted turbulent ethylene/air jet flame is presented that combines a transported probability density function (TPDF) combustionExpand
Correlations for the laminar flame speed, adiabatic flame temperature and ignition delay time for methane, ethanol and n-decane
This paper provides a detailed database for curve fitted polynomials to deliver information about the laminar flame speed, adiabatic flame temperature and ignition delay time depending on theExpand
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